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Webinar for poultry farmers in Nigeria – register here

Together with our Anco FIT distributor for Nigeria, Caesar and Jones, we are organizing a free educational webinar for poultry farmers in Nigeria.

Nutritional options for more stable and longer productivity in poultry

25th of September 2020

10am Nigerian time

How to register

This webinar is for free and you can register at the link below to join. We look forward to your active participation.

What to expect

Stability in farm income and adaptive properties are two key factors that have been linked to high resilience of poultry farms in Nigeria.  But what can poultry farmers do to support this cost-effectively by nutritional means to stay competitive and reduce the need of antibiotic growth promotors?

In this webinar Dr. Gwendolyn Jones will be looking at how novel nutritional concepts can support current efforts to increase the adaptive capacity of farms for resilience in Nigerian poultry production. This includes adaptation strategies of poultry farmers to rising temperatures in Africa.

The adoption of existing and new technologies for adapting to climate change and variability is a high priority for many ecological regions in Nigeria. Adaptive capacity is the ability of individuals and communities to adjust to changes, to take advantage of opportunities or to cope with the consequences.

The adaptive capacity of poultry farms starts in the bird. Find out how improving the adaptive capacity of the bird by nutritional means can lead to more stable incomes, maintain higher productivity for longer in laying hens and reduce the need for antibiotic growth promotors in broiler and egg production.


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