Vetnostrum – Anco FIT product launch in Taiwan

With Anco FIT ready to roll in Taiwan, Cliff Hsun from ANCO was invited to be part of the Vetnostrum product launch for Anco FIT in  April. The launch program included 2 large symposiums for animal producers and one symposium for feed millers in Taiwan.

Vick Chung, managing director at Vetnostrum sums up the product launch: “We feel very confident to move with Anco FIT in our market. It is an exciting concept that fits well with our vision and product portfolio. The launch of this new product will greatly optimize the feed for the livestock industry.”

About Vetnostrum

Vetnostrum is a total solution animal health provider from Taiwan with offices in Taipei and Taichung. Vetnostrum aims to provide effective, innovative and economic solutions to improve animal health by a diverse product portfolio, excellent quality management and field studies.

Vetnostrum’s Chairman, Vick Chung, indicated that combining the advantages of a team of high-quality biochemical specialists, production plants with international cGMP, HACCP, ISO9001 and FAMI-QS certification, and the advantages of diversified product lines and access surfaces, Vetnostrum quickly jumped to become Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of animal medicines and feed supplements. In 2017, Vetnostrum achieved a revenue of 870 million yuan (US$30 million).