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Anco FIT – US dairy farms reporting benefits with Anco FIT for milk component yields

Anco FIT was introduced to the US market by ADM last year. US dairy herds, which started to use Anco FIT in their dairy rations are now reporting improvements in butterfat and milk protein yields.

These results are in accordance with results from research and field trials carried out with Anco FIT in lactating dairy cows in the US and Germany. On top of that Anco FIT was also seen to reduce somatic cell counts (SCC) in milk.

Milk components are a key part of the profitability of the dairy farm. In manufactured products such as cheese and powder, the higher the component percentages, the greater the yield of finished product per given amount of milk. It is the right combination of milk components and milk production that will allow the farm to be more profitable.

Production of milk fat and protein can vary a lot from one herd to another. US studies showed that herd average milk protein ranged from 1.57% to 4.66%, with an average of 3.05%. Milk fat ranged from 1.77% to 5.98%, with an average of 3.76% (Penn State Extension 2017). This indicates that many herds are producing components below average for their market and their breed, which presents an opportunity to improve component production and income from milk sales.

How to calculate income from milk components

Click for link to milk price calculator developed by Penn State
Users can calculate their current price, project milk price at various levels of fat and protein, evaluate income over feed cost, and calculate total components shipped, providing a complete picture of the impact milk components and milk yield have on the farm’s gross income.

What is Anco FIT?

Anco FIT is a gut agility activator designed to empower dairy cows to cope with nutritional stress factors in a more efficient way. Anco FIT reduces negative stress reactions such as oxidative stress, inflammation and impairment of rumen fermentation and microbial synthesis in response to nutritional stressors, resulting in better and more consistent milk quality and milk component yields.


Anco FIT is mixed into total mixed rations