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Test yourself – What type of nutritionist are you?

Of course, as a nutritionist you have guidelines you can follow in terms of nutrient requirements by species and production stage to help you formulate diets in a cost-efficient way.

But when it comes to functional additives and controlling dietary risks other factors come into play, when you are making decisions on what to include in animal diets. One of those factors is your personality and the goals of your organization.

Knowing yourself better, tells you more about what solutions match with what is important to you, when it comes to formulating diets. Given the vast number of functional additives out there, it narrows down your choices and can reduce the stress of choosing between options.

Find out what type of nutritionist you are and what drives you by answering 7 relevant questions in an anonymous quick test. Then consider the impact this is having on your decisions, when you are formulating diets.