Super Bowl 2018, IPPE and ANCO all had great international audiences

Just one week ahead of the Super Bowl 2018 the international poultry industry had its eyes on its home game. Everybody with a name in the poultry industry met at the IPPE expo in Atlanta Georgia, USA. This year’s IPPE tradeshow had more than 520,000 square feet of exhibit space with 1,200 exhibitors and ANCO was one of them.

It was the second time for ANCO to be at the IPPE and already the traffic to the booth had considerably increased to the previous year. The visitors to the ANCO booth were just as international as the audience for the IPPE. ANCO welcomed visitors from the US, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, UK, China, Belgium, Austria, Ecuador, Nigeria, Egypt and Guatemala to its booth.

The latest research on Anco FIT Poultry was presented at the scientific forum by Dr. Kostas Mountzouris, associate Professor at the University of Athens.

Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO comments: “The IPPE attracts a great audience. I really enjoyed the show this year. My team and I are going home looking forward to stay in touch with new and old contacts we met in Atlanta this year. ANCO will be back in 2019.”

After the game is before the next game.

Returning from a successful IPPE, no doubt many players in the poultry industry had their eyes on the super bowl game just like the rest of the world. The super bowl 2018 game took place in the freezing cold of Minneapolis. Gwendolyn Jones,  Head of Product Management and Communications at ANCO, travelled on to  Minnesota and was right in the middle of a super exciting weekend for Minneapolis. Again, this was an event that attracted visitors from all over the world, despite the cold weather. Watch the super bowl 2018 ads here.

All in all, the past week the US was definitely the place to be for poultry industry professionals and American foot ball fans. Next year will be even better, because the super bowl will be held in Atlanta one week ahead of IPPE 2019.

Save the dates Feb. 12 – 14, 2019 for IPPE in Atlanta and hope to see you at the ANCO booth.