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Reduce carbon footprint – the story behind the Anco tree

Planting trees helps to reduce carbon footprint. Anco had the opportunity through Ameisenhaufen to plant a tree in Guatemala and went for it. The fun thing is we can now follow the development of our tree online on the Treedom platform. So, here is the story behind it and how it is also helping farmers in Guatemala.

Green Webhosting to help reduce carbon footprint

At the end of last year Anco was offered the opportunity to support the green webhosting initiative from our web design partner Ameisenhaufen. This Austrian based web design agency started growing a forest with the help of the Treedom organization to make an impact when it comes to reducing carbon footprint.

The green webhosting concept means that for every new company signing up for the webhosting service provided by Ameisenhaufen, Ameisenhaufen is committed to donating a tree to be planted through the Treedom organization.

The idea behind the forest grown through the green webhosting initiative from the company Ameisenhaufen (Ameisenhaufen=anthill) is not only to help reduce carbon footprint, but also to provide a new habitat for ants and other animals in the wild. Furthermore, the donation to the Treedom organization is supporting farmers around the globe to plant trees and care for them. You can find more information on Treedom below.

The company Ameisenhaufen has already contributed to planting 250 trees through its green webhosting initiative, each of these trees comes with its own geolocation and can be followed in their development online. One of these trees is from Anco.

Why plant a tree?

Planting trees is a highly effective way of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and is an important part of climate change solutions.  Indeed, scientists are now saying that forest restoration is the most powerful climate change solution. The great thing is, it is the cheapest way everybody can play a role in making an impact, by either growing trees themselves or donating to organizations involved in forest restoration.

Anco tree is helping farmers in Guatemala

Finally, we were told where the Anco tree, that came out of our contribution to green webhosting by Ameisenhaufen, is starting to grow. It is a coffee tree (Coffea Arabica) putting down roots in San Pedro Necta, Guatemala. The Anco tree comes with its own birth certificate, geolocation and online diary, where we are able to follow its growth and development.  By the time it is fully grown it should be adsorbing 55kg Co2. At the same time it is helping local farmers in Guatemala with their income and development.

Presence of Anco FIT in Guatemala

Anco FIT products are distributed by Eddy de Paz through the company Exin in Guatemala. In this country Anco FIT sales started in 2017 and have now reached a level where 9% of the animal feed produced in Guatemala has Anco FIT products inside.

Treedom forest restoration initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Treedom is supporting farmers around the globe with know-how and finance to plant and manage trees. It also provides a digital platform for those who are donating to this initiative, to monitor the trees they donated to over time. All trees that were planted are geolocated and come with their own diaries of their growth and development and contribution to adsorbing Co2, which gets documented online.

The philosophy behind Treedom is to realize sustainable ecosystems and allow farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities. Since the launch of Treedom, over half a million new trees have been planted in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Italy.


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