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Episode 4 – Channeling stress into success with Celia Gaze

Keep Agile Keep Farming
Keep Agile Keep Farming
Episode 4 - Channeling stress into success with Celia Gaze

In this episode we have the pleasure to chat with Celia Gaze, founder of The Wellbeing Farm, whose story is a real inspiration for turning around a bad personal situation and overcoming obstacles when starting a new business on a farm. Yes, it is possible to completely transform your life and your farm.

Tune in to our chat with Celia to gain some inspiration and practical advice to turn your crazy idea for diversifying your farm  into a thriving business and learn how a llama played a role in igniting a unique business idea for The Wellbeing Farm. Also available on Spotify.

About Celia Gaze

During a highly stressful period in her life, Celia jumped ship from her career as an NHS (National Health Service) director to diversify her husband’s hill farm into what is a multiple award-winning wedding venue and wellbeing farm today. Her unique concept, which includes wellbeing, fun and sustainability is now bringing joy into people’s lives as well as helping people with their stress management.

The road to this successful business was bumpy, but Celia’s enthusiasm and resilience carried her through. Celia has much to share from her experience and wants others to benefit from it and prepare them for some of the potential obstacles they may encounter on their farm diversification journey.

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