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Episode 3 – Farm diversification trends and opportunities

Keep Agile Keep Farming
Keep Agile Keep Farming
Episode 3 - Farm diversification trends and opportunities

In this episode the editor of the Farm Diversity Magazine shares some new farm diversification trends. Victoria Galligan has seen a lot when it comes to farm diversification and came across some quite unique projects. Her insights can serve as inspiration to anybody aspiring to diversify their farm to add another stream of farm-based income and increase the economic resilience of their farm.

Victoria highlights some exciting trending farm diversification opportunities, as well as some more unique and unusual possibilities to diversify your farm income. But it is not just about having a great idea, how do you convince your family to invest and how do you market it successfully? These are some of the important questions Victoria tackles in our chat with her.

A survey published by the Famer’s Weekly Magazine in October this year revealed that most young farmers believe that diversification is required to stay in farming. We hope this episode will give you some ideas for what might work at your farm and points out important steps you need to consider as you embark on your farm diversification journey. This episode is also available on Spotify

About Victoria Galligan

Victoria Galligan is a journalist by trade with a degree in journalism and English. She worked as a subeditor for the national press in the UK for quite some time before she moved to Euromedia Associates who own a variety of trade and specialist magazines including the Farm Diversity Magazine.

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