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Episode 1 – 2020s challenges shaping global animal production

Keep Agile Keep Farming
Keep Agile Keep Farming
Episode 1 - 2020s challenges shaping global animal production

As a new decade approaches fast we asked animal producers, consultants and veterinarians that attended an international conference in Vienna what their thoughts are on the 2020s challenges for animal production in their respective countries.

Representatives from Brazil, Malaysia, US, Germany, Poland, Columbia and Chile shared their views. For our listeners from the Latin American markets we kept the replies from Columbia and Chile in Spanish.

We also took a look at what leading global organizations, researchers and statistics for the US and EU countries are saying that could predict some of the key challenges we will have to tackle  in animal production.

In some of our upcoming episodes of the keep agile keep farming podcast we will certainly be having more detailed debates on finding solutions for these 2020s challenges among other topics with invited guests.

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