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Laying hens – Anco FIT Poultry maintains laying persistency in the late laying period

In a commercial trial with a parent flock of ISA Brown laying hens, Anco FIT Poultry showed higher laying persistency than the control group.

Materials and methods:

The trial was carried out on a farm of an ISA brown parent flock in Slovakia and started when the birds had reached an age of 47 weeks. The birds were housed in 4 halls of 17,000 birds each, of which 2 halls were fed Anco FIT Poultry at 1kg/t from week 47 to 62.

The young flocks had been sourced from two different farms (source A and B). Data was analyzed by source due to historical differences in performance between the two sources.

Results and discussion

Figure 1 above shows that the drop in egg production was slower in birds of both sources fed Anco FIT Poultry at 1kg/t in the feed compared to the control in the late laying period. As a result, birds fed Anco FIT Poultry produced on average 2% more eggs in the week 47 to 62 compared to the control.

Recent scientific trials have shown that Anco FIT Poultry improves the antioxidative capacity of broilers in the liver and the gut. The liver plays an important role in egg production and maintaining high liver health can help to sustain high laying persistency for longer laying periods. Therefore the positive impact seen with Anco FIT Poultry on laying persistence may partly be due to its antioxidative effects in the liver.

However, ovarian aging, which is understood as a gradual decrease in both the quantity and quality of the oocytes residing in the follicle as age passes, has also been associated with a reduced antioxidative capacity in the bird and oxidative stress. Researchers have demonstrated that in laying hens of different ages (90, 150, 280 and 580 days) that the antioxidative capacity in the ovaries of birds reduced with age.

The antioxidative capacity in birds is determined by mechanisms involving enzymes such as Superoxidodismutase (SOD), Catalase (CAT), Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH-PX), Glutathione S-transferase (GSH-ST) and biological antioxidants such as Glutathione, vitamins C and E and certain trace minerals.

Further research is required to determine whether Anco FIT Poultry not only has positive effect on the antioxidative capacity of birds in the liver and gut, but also in ovaries.


Anco FIT Poultry in the feed helped to increase laying persistency in the late laying period, which is an important factor for achieving longer laying cycles to produce 500 eggs in 100 weeks. This may partly be due to the proven antioxidative effect of Anco FIT Poultry in the liver of chicken.

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