Just in time: ANCO GMP + audit ahead of EuroTier 2016

ANCO was audited as a GMP + supplier. The GMP + certification is important to a number of our animal feed customers, as it ensures that our products meet their requirements for feed safety and sustainability. It is also an international scheme, applicable worldwide.

Modern competitive animal production calls for a contribution to safe and responsible food of animal origin. GMP + is a quality mark that guarantees participating companies from the international food chain reliability, quality, sustainability and safety.

In recent years public concern about the safety of foods of animal origin has increased. This has prompted a scrutiny of food safety and quality problems that can arise in foods of animal origin as a result of animal feed, forage and associated feeding systems.

The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme is a scheme for assuring feed safety in all the links in the feed chain. The GMP+ standard does not only define conditions relating to production facilities of feed, but also for storage, transport, staff, procedures and documentation.