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International Poultry Production Magazine – gut agility article in April issue

Boosting gut agility for cost-effective poultry nutrition. Anco article in International Poultry Production Magazine

Poultry producers must continuously adapt – respond faster to challenges and drive production and cost-efficiency. In a fast-moving business environment, operational agility becomes key to profitability and success. New nutritional solutions based on the concept of agility help to manage consistency in the cost-effectiveness of diets and are designed to contribute to the operational agility of modern poultry production systems.

With up to 70% of production costs coming from the cost of feed, consistency in the cost-effectiveness of diets is key to profitability. However, nutritional stressors in the diet, such as dietary changes, reduced nutrient digestibility, endotoxins, antinutritional factors and mycotoxins, often throw a spanner in the works of consistency in performance in response to diets.

Depending on the increased presence or absence of those stressors the same diet can differ in cost-effectiveness. These stressors are often not easy to control for the nutritionist and are part of the reality that animals are facing in modern production systems.

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on how gut agility empowers poultry to cope with nutritional stress factors more efficiently in the latest article published by Anco.

Boosting gut agility for cost-effective poultry nutrition by Gwendolyn Jones
International Poultry Production Magazine, April issue.