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Egg producers gearing up for quality pullets in Chile

Egg producers from Chile were invited to technical seminars organized by Anco’s distributor Nutringen in Santiago and Chillan.

The theme of the seminars was: “Topics of health and nutrition in pullets.” Talks and discussions focused on how to manage for quality pullets to support high levels of egg production during the production phase.

Nutringen took this as an opportunity to launch its services and tools directed at helping egg producers to achieve their goals during the egg production phase. The seminars attracted egg producers and professionals associated with the egg producing sector.

Chile has more than 14,000,000 layers and egg consumption will be 225 units per capita per year, representing an increase of 8% compared to last year. This figure places Chile in the fifth place in egg consumption in Latin America. The other top egg consuming countries in Latin America are: Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia.

Marco Nunes, Technical Manager from Anco gave a presentation on: ”Importance of controlling weight and uniformity of pullets in the growing period to reach high levels of laying persistence during the egg production phase.” He demonstrated the relationship between achieving average weight and uniformity goals during the growth period of pullets and productive performance of laying hens during the egg production phase. He also pointed out why Anco FIT Poultry can be a strategic tool to help reach those objectives.

Learn how Anco FIT Poultry can support robustness in laying hens for greater laying persistency.