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Customer journey – Workshop with ShiftYard – MindXchange on customer experience

Mapping the customer journey from the perspective of the customer is a great tool to help creating a customer experience beyond expectations.

Recent surveys by Gartner and Salesforce reveal that the customer experience a company provides can mean serious competitive advantage regardless of the industry or country a company is doing business in. Reported results include the fact that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as the products and services it provides.

At ANCO we take what matters most to our customers seriously and we want to deliver on exceptional customer experience.

We invited Anco FIT distributors out of 32 different countries to a professional workshop on customer journey mapping during our MindXchange event. Together with our trainers from Shiftyard we worked on understanding the customer journey of Anco FIT customers in different countries.

Tobias Göllner, CEO at Shiftyard introduced us to customer journey mapping as a tool to create a WOW customer experience. He challenged us: “Ask yourself: What are the emotions, that a customer may experience at different touch points along the customer journey and what role do you play to make them positive. Identify critical moments and potential for improvement.”

Working in teams, we discussed different scenarios for the customer experience. It meant stepping into the shoes of the customer and looking at it from their perspective. We all benefitted from sharing our experiences with different types of customers.

One important outcome of this event was certainly that we all went home, sharing a common goal: Being mindful of the customer experience in the interactions with us and to continuously find ways to go beyond expectations throughout the customer journey. We aim for WOW.