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Gut agility activator – Anco FIT product line now available in more than 30 countries

Anco FIT is the first gut agility activator on the market and is now available in more than 30 countries across the world.

Gut agility describes the capability of the animal to adapt to stressors faster in a more efficient response. It makes the animal more robust in the face of dietary challenges and stressors. Slightly rewording a famous quote might put it better: “It is not the healthiest that survive it is the ones most adaptable to change.”

The focus is on empowering efficiency and adaptability in the animal.

Scientific evidence suggests that for genetic selection, improving ability of animals to cope with stressors may be a better way of improving performance than selecting only for increased growth potential.

Therefore increasing the animal’s capability to adapt to nutritional stressors more adequately by nutritional means, offers a more immediate alternative to improve animal performance and competitive advantage in animal production.

The gut is particularly responsive to different stressors. That is why the focus is on the gut to empower animals to cope with stressors.

Activate gut agility to optimize feed efficiency

More information on the Anco FIT product line

Anco FIT in dairy cows

Anco FIT poultry for broilers and layers

Anco FIT in pigs

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Summer 2018 – Anco Times

Are you ready for your summer 2018 vacation? This year’s Anco Times Ebook includes a map with vacation destinations close to Anco FIT distributors across the world.

Check out page 4 in the 2018 Anco Times and find an Anco FIT distributor that is closest to your vacation destination.

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For more bedtime reading you can also take a look at our Summer 2017 Anco Times Ebook.

We hope you enjoy your summer break and come back with lots of good memories.

Anco FIT at World Pork Expo 2018 in Iowa

Find out more about Anco FIT at the World Pork Expo 2018 6th-8th of June. Visit the ADM booth V345 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

This year the World Pork Expo is celebrating its 30th anniversary. World Pork Expo is the world’s largest pork specific tradeshow and attracts more than 20000 visitors during the three day exhibition. At this year’s event the exhibitor space will be up more than 40,000 square feet from 2017.

ADM is distributor for Anco FIT products in the US and Canada. ADM will have a booth inside the buildings (booth V345) as well as a tent outside. Locate the ADM booth and tent in the link to the floor plan of the trade show below

Talk to Ruben Beltran, product manager at ADM or Gwendolyn Jones from ANCO or any of the sales people present from ADM about Anco FIT. You might also meet a pig farmer already using Anco FIT in the US, who will share his experience with Anco FIT with you.

Link to World Pork Expo 2018 floorplan   Floorplan

Link to information about Anco FIT application in pigs    Anco FIT in pigs

Link to more information about World Pork Expo    World Pork Expo 2018

Vetnostrum – Anco FIT product launch in Taiwan

With Anco FIT ready to roll in Taiwan, Cliff Hsun from ANCO was invited to be part of the Vetnostrum product launch for Anco FIT in  April. The launch program included 2 large symposiums for animal producers and one symposium for feed millers in Taiwan.

Vick Chung, managing director at Vetnostrum sums up the product launch: “We feel very confident to move with Anco FIT in our market. It is an exciting concept that fits well with our vision and product portfolio. The launch of this new product will greatly optimize the feed for the livestock industry.”

About Vetnostrum

Vetnostrum is a total solution animal health provider from Taiwan with offices in Taipei and Taichung. Vetnostrum aims to provide effective, innovative and economic solutions to improve animal health by a diverse product portfolio, excellent quality management and field studies.

Vetnostrum’s Chairman, Vick Chung, indicated that combining the advantages of a team of high-quality biochemical specialists, production plants with international cGMP, HACCP, ISO9001 and FAMI-QS certification, and the advantages of diversified product lines and access surfaces, Vetnostrum quickly jumped to become Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of animal medicines and feed supplements. In 2017, Vetnostrum achieved a revenue of 870 million yuan (US$30 million).


Anco technical seminar – Guatemala

In late March ANCO invited feed producers, animal producers and veterinarians from Guatemala for a technical seminar in Austria. The guests from Guatemala were accompanied by Eddy de Paz  from Exin, Anco FIT distributor for Guatemala.

The technical program took place in the premises of AGES, Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, in Vienna. AGES is owned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

Dr. Friedrich Polesny, Department Head for the AGES Academy, presented an overview of the various functions and activities of AGES. Interesting facts included that AGES is the largest interdisciplinary lab organization in Austria, publishes around 192 scientific publications each year and hosts and organizes 200 training and advanced training seminars a year. Women make up for 60% of their workforce and 55% of the supervisory board.

Manfred Roessler, Director of Supply Chain Management at ANCO outlined quality management and quality control of products at ANCO in which AGES plays an important role. AGES is involved in the monitoring of the quality control of feed and feed supplements in Austria including products like Anco FIT.

Dr. Marco Nunes, ANCO technical manager for the LATAM market introduced the Anco FIT product line and applications in animal nutrition.

Michael Eder, managing partner at ANCO comments: “The Latin American markets are important and fast developing markets for our product line. It was a pleasure to welcome our guests from Guatemala in Austria and a great opportunity for us to learn more about what matters most to our customers in this market. This will help us improve our products and service and build better relationships in this market.”

Agro Animal show 2018 in Kiev – Anco booth

ANCO was present with a booth at the Agro Animal show 2018 for the first time. The ANCO booth was part of the Austrian Pavilion and national exposition from Advantage Austria.

The Agro Animal show is the Ukraine’s largest exhibition for agriculture and attracted an international audience. Apart from Austria several other countries (Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark and France) were present with pavilions and national exhibitions.

Andreas Kern, managing partner at Anco comments: “The attendance at our booth was great and it was worthwhile visiting the Agro Animal Show. It also helps us prepare for our upcoming product launch for the Ukraine market. The Anco FIT product launch in April will be organized together with Agrosupply, our distributor for Ukraine.”

anco fit - agro animal show

Anco FIT was awarded as the best innovation 2018 in Poland

During the Ferma tradeshow in Poland, Anco FIT was awarded as the best innovation 2018 by the organizers DLG Agro Food.

FERMA is the only trade show in Poland that specializes in animal production. It attracts around 250 exhibitors and 31000 visitors from Poland and other parts of the world to Łódź in Poland.

This year Ferma was hosting the XVIII international fair for cattle and XXI international for pigs and poultry, 16th to 18th of February.

Anco FIT was represented by our distributor Noack. Noack was appointed Anco FIT distributor for Poland in April 2017 and has since then launched and promoted the product in Poland.
Anco FIT launch in Poland

The Ferma innovation award for Anco FIT was presented to Łukasz Stańczyk, Project Manager Feed Additives at Noack Poland during a ceremony at the Ferma tradeshow. See video below.

Dariusz Kucharski, Sales Director at Noack Poland comments:” Anco FIT is the newest addition to our product portfolio and we are really excited that it was recognized for its new and innovative approach with the award for best innovation 2018 in Poland. We look forward to continue working with Anco FIT in our market and making a contribution to the agility and profitability of ruminant and pig production with this innovative feed supplement from Austria.”

Find out more about Anco FIT

Anco FIT application in pigs: Managing cost-effective pig diets with Anco FIT

Anco FIT application in ruminants:  Get more milk solids per cow per day with Anco FIT,   Noack dairy seminar, ADM dealers share experience with Anco FIT

About Noack

Noack & Co GmbH is a privately owned technical marketing and sales company with 120 employees. The company headquarters is based in Austria and covers the central European markets through local subsidiaries. Noack on the one hand supplies cost-effective feed supplements and feed additives to the animal producing industry. On the other hand, Noack offers rapid tests and tools for the quality control of food and feed products.

Noack introduces Anco FIT in Czech dairy seminars

21-22nd of February 2018, Noack held 2 dairy seminars in Partutovice and Kunice, Czeach Republic. The audience included dairy farmers and key opinion leaders from the Czech dairy industry.

Kylie Preisinger, Commercial Research Manager from ADM and Dr. Gwendolyn Jones Head of Product Management from ANCO were 2 of the invited guest speakers for the Noack dairy seminars.

Kylie walked dairy farmers through some of the key management strategies to optimize  dry matter intake in dairy cows. Kylie believes ” It really is all about providing the cows with what they need and more importantly when they want it to drive the simple formula: more feed equals more milk and profit.”

Gwendolyn introduced the concept of agility behind the Anco FIT product range and the application of this feed supplement to help dairy cows adapt more efficiently to nutritional stress factors in the feed. Find out more about Anco FIT in dairy cows.

In Partutovice the program concluded with a visit to a local dairy farm to stimulate the exchange of on farm practices amongst the dairy farmers in the audience. The program in Kunice, ended with a visit to the “Follow the goat” brewery tour of the Velkopopovický Kozel brewery. Velkopopovický Kozel is a Czech lager produced since 1874. The mascot of the brewery is a billy goat (Kozel means male goat in Czech).

We would like to thank the Czech team from Noack (Ondřej Schejbal,  Radek Balvín, Eva Šandová, Milan Douša and Ales Rusek) for their hospitality, translations and great organization of the events.

View some of the impressions from the Noack CZ dairy seminars in the short video below


ADM dairy dealer meeting discusses farm experience with Anco FIT

On a very cold winter morning in Rochester, Minnesota ADM dairy dealers came together for a workshop. One of the topics of discussion was Anco FIT to exchange the experience with the product on dairy farms.

Anco FIT was introduced to the US market in September 2016 and since then has already enjoyed a great uptake in the US dairy sector. A dairy research trial carried out by ADM showed positive responses to Anco FIT improving milk fat and protein yields over a competitor product and providing an economic advantage of $0.53/cow/day. This would mean around $297/day in a herd with 500 dairy cows.

Ruben Beltran, Product Manager ADM and Bill Earley, Dairy Product Portfolio Manager ADM encouraged the exchange of commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms amongst the group. Generally dairy farms in the US have appreciated the benefits they have seen with Anco FIT in dairy rations and the conception is that the product works very well under practical conditions.

Dr. Gwendolyn Jones from ANCO was invited to the workshop to share an overview of the commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms in countries outside the US.

Experiences on farms in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria confirm what has been reported in the US and the average economic advantage with Anco FIT based on 8 field trials was $0.60/cow/day at current US prices for milk fat and protein. Read here for more information.

Based on the success seen with the product so far, Anco FIT is currently been rolled out into several other countries to help support competitive and safe dairy production.