Feedeal joins as Anco FIT distributor for France

ANCO is expanding its business to France with the company Feedéal as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO, visited Feedéal in January to officially start the collaboration in France. Both companies are looking forward to working together and growing the Anco FIT business in France.

“Brittany is the number one region for livestock production in France. So, our business is ideally located to serve the largest pool of potential customers for Anco FIT in France “ says Hervé Bezille, Managing Director at Feedéal.

He is particularly excited about the positive results he has seen from trials with Anco FIT in dairy cows and comments: “France is the second largest dairy producer in Europe. I look forward to introducing a product that has already shown such consistent results for milk component yields on dairy farms in several other European countries and the US.”

About Feedéal

Based in Brittany in northwestern France, Feedéal selects and distributes innovative feed additives for the nutrition of all major farm species.
Company website: http://feedeal.fr/


Super Bowl 2018, IPPE and ANCO all had great international audiences

Just one week ahead of the Super Bowl 2018 the international poultry industry had its eyes on its home game. Everybody with a name in the poultry industry met at the IPPE expo in Atlanta Georgia, USA. This year’s IPPE tradeshow had more than 520,000 square feet of exhibit space with 1,200 exhibitors and ANCO was one of them.

It was the second time for ANCO to be at the IPPE and already the traffic to the booth had considerably increased to the previous year. The visitors to the ANCO booth were just as international as the audience for the IPPE. ANCO welcomed visitors from the US, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, UK, China, Belgium, Austria, Ecuador, Nigeria, Egypt and Guatemala to its booth.

The latest research on Anco FIT Poultry was presented at the scientific forum by Dr. Kostas Mountzouris, associate Professor at the University of Athens.

Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO comments: “The IPPE attracts a great audience. I really enjoyed the show this year. My team and I are going home looking forward to stay in touch with new and old contacts we met in Atlanta this year. ANCO will be back in 2019.”

After the game is before the next game.

Returning from a successful IPPE, no doubt many players in the poultry industry had their eyes on the super bowl game just like the rest of the world. The super bowl 2018 game took place in the freezing cold of Minneapolis. Gwendolyn Jones,  Head of Product Management and Communications at ANCO, travelled on to  Minnesota and was right in the middle of a super exciting weekend for Minneapolis. Again, this was an event that attracted visitors from all over the world, despite the cold weather. Watch the super bowl 2018 ads here.

All in all, the past week the US was definitely the place to be for poultry industry professionals and American foot ball fans. Next year will be even better, because the super bowl will be held in Atlanta one week ahead of IPPE 2019.

Save the dates Feb. 12 – 14, 2019 for IPPE in Atlanta and hope to see you at the ANCO booth.

Caesar & Jones Ltd joins as Anco FIT distributor for Nigeria

ANCO is expanding its business to Nigeria with the company Caesar & Jones as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Dr Jones Okoye, Managing director at Caesar & Jones Ltd comments: “I look forward to introducing the Anco FIT product range to Nigeria. The products are based on an exciting new concept and we feel it will help to support competitive animal production in Nigeria.”

About Caesar & Jones Ltd

Caesar & Jones is a consultancy and distribution firm focusing on animal farming services and marketing of animal feed additives to feed manufacturers in Nigeria.


About Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest livestock-raising countries in Africa. The country’s cattle herds are estimated at over 16 million head. Cattle raising in Nigeria is largely supplemented by short-cycle livestock operations, estimated at 33.8 million head of sheep and 175 million poultry birds.
The strong rise in demand for animal products is due not only to the high rate of urbanisation (60% of Nigerians are city dwellers), but also to consumers’ greater purchasing power and the emergence of a new middle class.

At the same time, more and more consumers in Nigeria want healthier meat from regulated slaughterhouses. Some industrial meat companies are now segmenting the market, selling frozen meat packaged in individual portions. Some instances of value chain integration are developing as the sector evolves, with a few companies processing meat in their own slaughterhouses supplied by their own networks of producers. Although this last segment is growing, it still accounts for less than 10% of the overall meat product market.

New scientific data for Anco FIT Poultry at IPPE 2018

Anco FIT Poultry is a Gut Agility  activator and designed for competitive poultry production for antibiotic reduction in poultry diets. The unique gut agility concept in Anco FIT empowers animals to adapt to nutritional stress factors efficiently.

As part of a series of scientific product evaluation trials, Anco FIT Poultry was tested for its efficacy and some of the underlying mechanisms for mode of action at the University of Athens in Greece.

Dr. Kostas Mountzouris, Associate Professor of Animal Nutritional Biotechnology Agricultural University of Athens in Greece, will be presenting the latest scientific findings with Anco FIT Poultry at the IPPE scientific forum in his paper: “Effects of dietary inclusion level of a phytogenic premix on broiler growth performance, nutrient digestibility, total antioxidant capacity and gene expression of antioxidant enzymes”.

The oral presentation of the scientific data will take place in the METABOLISM & NUTRITION – FEED ADDITIVES session on Tuesday 1/30/2018 9:45 AM in B314 of the Georgia World Congress Center.

Find out how Anco FIT Poultry can benefit profitable and safe poultry production. Take the next step towards a more agile operation to maintain a competitive edge.

Anco booth at IPPE: C3305 interactive floorplan

Read more about the Anco booth at IPPE here.

About Anco

Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production with cost-effective feed solutions, including solutions for antibiotic-free feeding.

Season’s Greetings

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you and best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

Your Anco Team

Anco AC – ADM launches a new product from ANCO in Canada

Sankt Pölten 4th December 2017 – Anco AC, a new specialty feed ingredient specifically developed for the Canadian market by Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, is being introduced by the team from ADM Animal Nutrition in Canada.

“The pressure for efficient animal production continues to motivate our team to find the best nutritional solutions for our customers,” said Maurice Champagne, regional business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition in Canada. “Anco AC is one such solution, providing a cost-effective way for producers to enhance the overall well-being of their animals and maintain consistent and profitable production.”

For more information go to
ADM Launches New Specialty Feed Additive Anco® AC for Canadian Producers

About Anco
Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH with headquarters in Sankt Poelten Austria is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production with cost-effective feed solutions, including solutions for antibiotic-free feeding. Products are designed for pigs, poultry and ruminants to be more robust and efficient in the face of nutritional stressors.

Nagy Awad Group joins as Anco FIT distributor for Egypt

ANCO is expanding its business to Egypt with the company Nagy Awad Group as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Dr. Mounir Nagy, managing director at Nagy Awad Group comments:”It has been a year of further progress – strategically and operationally and in such rapidly changing markets we continue serving the animal needs. We can only do this successfully with excellent people and, on behalf of the Board, I would like to thank ANCO for their very considerable efforts in the past year. I look forward with confidence to Anco’s product that will soon be distributed Via Nagy Awad Group in the Egyptian Market.”

About agriculture in Egypt

Egypt is known as one of the oldest agricultural civilizations; the river Nile allowed a sedentary agricultural society to develop thousands of years ago. Egyptian agriculture is almost entirely dependent on irrigation. More than 90 percent of Egypt is desert.
Egypt is a net importer of feed ingredients (i.e., grains, milling byproducts, added vitamins, minerals, fats/oils, and other nutritional and energy sources) for livestock and meat production. Sixty percent of its primary feed ingredients (i.e., corn and soybeans) are imported (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service 2017).

Egyptians prefer beef to other types of meat (i.e., poultry and lamb). Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR) in 2016 estimates the cattle herd to number 8.5 million (4.7 million cows and 3.8 million buffaloes) animals. FAS Cairo forecasts Egyptian beef production reaching 365,000 metric tons in 2018, up 1.4 percent compared to 2017.
According to the statistics service of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, Egypt produced more than 953,000 metric tons of poultry meat in 2013, the latest year for which figures have been published.

About Nagy Awad Group

Nagy Awad Group was founded in 1979, Today it is one of the most established companies in the Veterinary field in Egypt. We are fully dedicated to serve all animal needs to the highest standards and with the latest technologies by providing pharmaceuticals, vaccines, premix production and feed additives.

We are a supplier of products for poultry, ruminants, large animals and soon aqua culture. We employ more than 100 veterinarians, qualified to deliver technical support for our products and to connect you with the latest global updates in the industry. Nagy Awad Group is an exclusive agent / distributer for multinational companies.

Magiar joins as Anco FIT distributor for Argentina and Uruguay

ANCO is expanding its business to Argentina and Uruguay with the company Magiar as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Gabriel Berger, Commercial Manager at Magiar comments: “With the representation of Anco FIT and Anco FIT Poultry through our offices in Argentina and Uruguay, we aim to provide a reliable, profitable and innovative solution against nutritional stressors, most relevant to the animal production environment and market we operate in. “

About agriculture in Argentina

Argentines are some of the top consumers of beef in the world. The 2017 forecast says that per capita consumption will be approximately 56 kilos. About 50 years ago, Argentines ate 100 kg per year and little chicken and pork. Today, Argentines also consume 40-45 kilos of chicken and 15-17 kilos of pork. In total, this adds up to roughly 115 kilos of animal protein per capita, one of the highest in the world.

There are approximately 320,000 cattle operations in Argentina of which 80 percent account for 40 percent of the country’s total stock (these operations have less than 500 head each). Roughly 18 percent of the operations account for more than 50 percent of the herd, while the larger 1,200 operations, with over 5,000 head each, account for 7 percent of the country’s total herd.

Argentina’s milk production is based in the central and east-central regions of the country, known as the Pampas, which includes parts of Córdoba, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and La Pampa provinces. In these regions, dairy farming is all pasture-based and depends exclusively on rainfall, with no confinement of dairy herds. The Argentine dairy herd is estimated at 2.01billion head –composed of 80 percent Holstein and 20 percent Jersey cows. Find out more about agriculture in Argentina in the video below.

About Magiar

Magiar is an experienced company, which has worked in the feed and food industries for the last 30 years. The mission of Magiar is to supply first quality products and provide customers a real benefit with innovative solutions. Our feed additives and food safety division complement each other well and we are always looking to expand our portfolio enabling the customer to pick a solution that serves their individual needs best. Find out more about Magiar here. http://magiar.com.ar/

Agriculture in Argentina

Find out about agriculture and dairy farming in Argentina in the video below.

Asia: Why the demand for products like Anco FIT is increasing

In Asia, the livestock industry is the most crucial part of agricultural development and has been growing at an unprecedented pace in the last few decades. Livestock products contribute 40% of the total agricultural output in global sales and are growing faster than any other agricultural sub-sector.

Increasing demand for animal protein

Rapid population growth, urbanization, and improving lifestyles for the people of Asia have resulted in more diversified dietary patterns in the past few decades, which have driven growth of the livestock sector. The annual growth in consumption of eggs, meat, and milk in Asia is projected at 9.08, 7.99 and 11.85%, respectively, which is greater than the projected global rate (5.58, 5.41, and 3.43%). While forecasts vary, many believe the world’s consumption of poultry meat will have grown by 27 percent by 2023, and 40 per cent of this growth will be attributable to Asia.

With increasing annual livestock production, the demand for feedstuffs is also increasing. However, a drastic gap exists between feedstuff production and the rapid expansion of the livestock industry.

Efficiency in animal production becoming essential

Asia’s poultry producers will have to become more efficient, if they are to continue to supply Asia’s consumers with affordable chicken meat and respond to growing demand. Many Asian countries are relatively high cost when compared with the U.S. and Brazil, and this, to some extent, is due to comparatively low levels of integrated production in the poultry industry, which will need to change.

Food safety concerns

Public attention to food safety has grown over the years in Asia. Food-borne diseases impose a heavy social and economic burden on communities. In the context of international food trade, the imposition of bans in consideration of food safety has resulted in economic losses for exporting countries. For example, the estimated direct cost of the mycotoxin contamination of corn and peanut in Southeast Asia amounts to several hundred million US dollars annually. The prevalence of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, DON and zearalenone in raw feed materials and finished feed were found to be the highest in Asia compared to other regions in the world (Figure 1, Pinotti et al 2016).

Changes in animal husbandry practices, and the adoption of modern intensive agriculture, if not properly monitored and assessed, may have serious implications for food safety. For instance, the use of antibiotics in animal feed to increase growth rates has raised concern about the transfer of antibiotic resistance to human pathogens.

Demand for reduction in AGPs

The implementation of policies that restrict the use of antimicrobials of critical importance is particularly urgent. The use of antibiotic growth promotors (AGPs) has recently been the subject of much discussion in the region. In 2015 Thailand took a major step by banning the inclusion of AGPs. It is likely that other countries will follow suit, and the momentum is increased for implementing policies that restrict the use of certain antimicrobials in animal production in the region. It is expected that this will be facilitated, given the stated drive towards a single market and equitable economic development within the Southeast Asian region.

Southeast Asia is an area of great economic dynamism. In recent years, it has experienced a rapid rise in the levels of animal product production and consumption. The region is regarded as a hotspot for infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Why Anco FIT?

The Anco FIT product range has been developed to empower animals to adapt to nutritional stress factors more efficiently. When added to diets it provides cost-effective support to the animal in the face of nutritional challenges and provides a natural alternative to help reduce the need for antibiotic growth promotors for efficient productivity and safe food production.

Presence of ANCO in Asia

Anco’ s presence in Asia is growing, with distributors for the Anco FIT product range already appointed in Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Bangladesh.

Biospring joins as Anco FIT distributor in Vietnam

ANCO is expanding its business to Vietnam with the company Biospring as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Thang Phan Chien, CEO at Biospring comments:” A report by the World Bank in 2016 mentioned that Vietnam’s agriculture needs to improve quality and food safety with added value to remain competitive in the international market. We feel that with Anco FIT, we can support farmers in Vietnam to increase efficiency in animal production in an economical and safe way and contribute to improved food safety.”


Agriculture in Vietnam

According to the World Bank, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s leading exporters of agro-food commodities and is among the top five for aquatic products, rice, coffee, tea, cashews, black pepper, rubber, and cassava.
Vietnam’s countryside is filled with rice fields, and the cities with rice dishes. Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in the entire world, and is the seventh biggest consumer of rice according to the International Rice Research Institute. In the central region of Vietnam, there are typically two rice crops harvested per year.

Vietnam’s Agricultural sector is the largest employing sector with 47% share of total employment, followed by Services sector (32%), and the Industrial sector (21%). Over 85% of Vietnam’s livestock is raised on small-scale farms.

After pork, poultry is the second most important meat for the Vietnamese people. Vietnam’s demand for poultry meat and eggs is expected to at least double from 2015 by 2020. (Source: Orissa International PTE 2017 and WATT 2012)

Furthermore, Vietnam has more than 600,000 hectares of shrimp farming with two main species of black tiger shrimp and whiteleg shrimp. Vietnam is the leading producer of black tiger shrimp in the world with a production of 300,000 tons per year.

Due to urbanization, a rapidly growing population, and a desire for a healthy lifestyle, there is a high and urgent demand for the latest innovations in the livestock and aquaculture industries.

About Biospring

Our mission is to improve economic benefits, reduce animal feed production cost, improve animal feed quality and enhance competitiveness for farmers and feed companies by applying high-end technologies to the agriculture sector in Asia.