Anco FIT at the world dairy expo

Anco FIT will l be featured at the world dairy expo at the ADM booth, October 3-7 2017.

Dairy farmers in the US, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Canada have already reported positive effects with Anco FIT on milk component yields in high producing dairy cows, resulting in economic benefits for famers. The product is currently being rolled out to dairy production in other countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Argentina.

About Anco FIT

Anco FIT contains an adaptation formula based on ingredients which have been specifically selected to help cows adapt to dietary stress factors and perform to their performance potential. Regulating appetite favorably has been shown to be a major benefit of Anco FIT. Positive effects on rumen fermentation have also been shown to enhance subsequent milk component yields in dairy cows. Anco FIT offers ideal dietary support when dairy cattle are nutritionally stressed and is a cost-effective solution for more consistent and profitable dairy production.

Visit the ADM Animal Nutrition booth  EH 1611-1712 to find out more about Anco FIT in dairy cows.

Poultry Africa 2017: Visit the ANCO booth

In October 2017 the Kigali Convention Center in Rwanda hosts the first Poultry Africa exhibition. ANCO will be participating with a booth shared with ADM.

The event, organized by VNU Exhibitions Europe, focuses to connect African and international producers and suppliers in poultry and eggs with the whole African continent. More than 70 companies from Europe, USA and Asia throughout the whole poultry production supply chain have registered as exhibitors. 1,000 visitors from whole Sub-Saharan Africa are expected in a soon to develop region getting ready to be introduced to new products and innovations.

Visit the ANCO booth

Booth EO8
October 4-5, 2017.


II Jornada Avicola El Cortijo: Anco presentation at the technical poultry event from El Cortijo

Jornada Avicola is an annual technical poultry event organized by El Cortijo in Honduras. In July ANCO was present at this event for the first time.

The event had participants from different areas of production at El Cortijo and was sponsored by DSM. Topics of discussion included:
• Management of fertile eggs and embryo diagnosis
• Handling of baby chicks
• Poultry management until slaughter

Marco Nunes, Technical Manager for the LATAM region at ANCO gave a technical presentation on Practical aspects of corn quality control: Managing gut agility.

About El Cortijo

El Cortijo was founded in 1960 and today is the third largest poultry producer in Honduras, processing more than 550,000 chicken per month. El Cortijo is an employer for more than 550 people and generates indirect employment for more than 200 families. The objective of the “Jornada Avicola” is living the commitment to continuous training, technical update and development of El Cortijo employees.

ANCO distributor in Honduras

ANCO is represented by Reyesa S de R.L in Honduras, who were recently appointed as a distributor for Anco FIT in Honduras. Read more about Reyesa S de R.L here.

el cortijo - anco fit

World Pork Expo: Feedback on Anco FIT from US pig farms

Anco FIT was one of the key products at the ADM booth at World Pork Expo 2017 in Des Moines Iowa. ADM is the US distributor for Anco FIT and has been promoting Anco FIT to its customers since September 2016.

The commercial sales team at the ADM booth, which has been actively selling Anco FIT to pig farms reported some feedback from Anco FIT users on pig farms.

Feedback from pig farms using Anco FIT included
“Very pleasant to handle the product”
“I observed more pigs at the feeder and they stayed at the feeder longer. It seems Anco FIT encourages nursery pigs to eat more”

About Anco FIT

Anco FIT is a gut agility activator. designed to manage gut agility by dietary means and is applied as a feed additive to complete feed. Application of Anco FIT to pig diets empowers animals to adapt to nutritional stress factors more efficiently and live up to their performance potential. It relies on bioactive substances in the formula, that help to reduce negative stress reactions such as reduced appetite, oxidative stress, inflammation and reduced gut integrity in response to nutritional stressors, which increases the amount of energy available for growth. For the nutritionist, it provides greater control over the cost-effectiveness of diets.

Read more in Manage cost-effectives of pig diets with Anco FIT

Anco FIT launch in Chile

At the end of March 2 events were held as part of the Anco FIT launch in Chile. Feed millers, pig and poultry producers from Chile were invited to attend launch events in either Santiago or in Chillan, Chile.

The events were organized by Nutringen, distributor for Anco in Chile. Cristian Dasso, Managing Director from Nutringen comments: “Attendance at both events showed that there was high interest to learn about Anco FIT as a new concept to manage cost-effectiveness of pig and poultry diets through gut agility.”

Marco Nunes, Technical Manager from Anco presented the latest knowledge on practical aspects of corn quality control in animal nutrition, including managing gut agility. This was followed by an introduction to Anco FIT and Anco FIT Poultry from Cliff Hsun, Regional Director Anco Latin.

The Nutringen team invited everybody to network over a glass of cocktail after the event. Alvaro Villarroel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nutringen was pleased with the outcome and says: ”We had a good turn-out at both events with key players from the pig and poultry industry in Chile expressing their interest in Anco FIT. I look forward to follow up on the interest we received and I am confident that we will be contributing to the cost-effectiveness of diets in Chilean pig and poultry production systems with this new concept.”

Webinar: Expected mycotoxin impact on animal feed and production due to current grain storage conditions

As part of a webinar hosted by Neogen, Anco Animal Nutrition Competence presented the latest knowledge on the economic impact of mycotoxins on animal production and pets. The focus was on deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone and T2-toxin, which are mycotoxins that, based on Neogen surveys, are currently seen at high levels in corn in several parts of the US.

To view a recorded version of the webinar, please click on the video link in the image below.

Dr. Gwendolyn Jones from Anco, highlighted: “Guidelines on mycotoxin tolerance in feed can help to assess the risk, but differ between countries and don’t consider the effect of co-contamination. Recent data from meta-analysis studies including up to 98 scientific trials per species can help to get an objective view on the commercial impact of mycotoxins. Negative impacts of DON on maintenance requirements and feed efficiency in pigs, poultry and ruminants should not be ignored.”

Dr. Duarte Diaz, Associate Professor, University of Arizona, presented information explaining the background to the trends showing increases in mycotoxin prevalence in grains.

Dr. Duarte Diaz is a well-known expert in the field of mycotoxins. His research for the past 15 years has focused on the effects of mycotoxins on agriculture. In 2005 he served as editor of “The Mycotoxin Blue Book”, a publication that focuses on the applied impact of mycotoxins on agriculture. The book has sold over 5000 copies and is widely considered an important reference on the subject.

Neogen is a leading company in the field of diagnostics for food and animal feed safety with a worldwide presence. The company now has more than 200 diagnostic tests to offer customers.

Pat Frasco, director of sales milling, grain and pet food at Neogen, reported during the webinar: “DON is currently very prevalent in corn at levels of 5, 10 ppm and greater. Iowa reported Zearalenone levels as high as 1300 ppb in corn.”

For more up to date information on current mycotoxin levels in grains follow the  Neogen Monday mycotoxin report

Visit us at IPPE in Atlanta USA

Go for a warm welcome at the ANCO booth B8281 at the IPPE in Atlanta Jan to 2nd of February.

The International Production, Processing Expo (IPPE) is the world’s largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event of its kind. A wide range of international decision-makers attend this annual event to network and become informed on the latest technological developments and issues facing the industry.

ANCO will be showcasing Anco FIT Poultry for the first time at this show.

Find out how Anco FIT Poultry can benefit profitable and safe poultry production. Take the next step towards a more agile operation to maintain a competitive edge.

We look forward to engage with you and learn what matters to you.

ANCO Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production with cost-effective feed solutions, including solutions for antibiotic-free feeding.