Webinar Anmeldung – Der Nutzen von Resilienz in der Milchkuh

Gemeinsam mit unserem Anco FIT Distributor Jahn Ingredients für Deutschland und Schweiz veranstalten wir ein Webinar mit dem Thema

Der Nutzen von Resilienz in der Milchkuh

am 30. Oktober 2020

um 10 Uhr deutsche Zeit


Die Teilnahme an diesem online Webinar ist kostenlos. Interessenten sind gebeten sich unter dem vorgegebenen Link anzumelden. Sie erhalten dann per Email einen Link mit dem Sie am Tag der Veranstaltung Zugang zum Webinar erhalten.


Der Link zur Anmeldung und mehr Details zu den Vortragenden und Thema erscheinen hier spätestens am 30. September. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Homepage bald wieder.


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Anco Brazil poultry webinar has attracted great interest

In July Anco Brazil hosted a poultry webinar in co-operation with our distributor Evance, which caught the attention of an engaged audience in the Brazil poultry industry. The webinar aimed to provide inspiration for cost-effective poultry production in times of crisis.

Dr. Marco Aurelio Nunes, Technical Manager at Anco presented strategies to reduce production costs with the least possible impact on production indexes. This included nutritional solutions that can be used to increase resilience in birds and mitigate the impact of stressors on performance in poultry. He also shared some simple evaluation tools that can help egg producers determine, which strategy would be most cost-effective, based on their individual circumstances.

Marcelo Blumer, executive director at Anco Brazil commented: “We are excited about the amount of interest we could generate with our webinar and that attendees were fully engaged. The questions and answer session at the end showed us that people were following the webinar closely and were eager to learn more. As a result of the success, we are already thinking of a topic for a second webinar which we are planning for later this year. This is an important time to make every effort to stay connected, collaborate and to keep learning, so we can find ways to adapt quickly and together for profitable animal production.”

Contact Anco Brazil to find out more Anco Brazil Contact

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Kombikorma Russia 2020 – Anco FIT made a winning entry

Anco FIT was in two places at the same time this year. The Kombikorma in Russia was held in the same week as the IPPE in Atlanta. So, the spotlight was on Anco FIT in two continents in the last week of January.

Our distributor for Russia, Safeed part of Noack Group, entered Anco FIT in the traditional contest for best product of the show in the feed section and Anco FIT came out as a winner. Great start to the year in Russia, with hopefully more good things to come.

We like to thank everybody at the team Safeed for supporting Anco FIT at the booth at Komiborma and visitors showing interest.

About Kombikorma

The Kombikorma – Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary (MVC) international trade show takes place in Moscow every year with more than 201 exhibitors.

Additional information

After the IPPE is before the next show

After the IPPE we are already planning ahead for EuroTier 2020, which is approaching fast this year.

However, first we would like to thank everybody who visited our booth at IPPE 2020 for your interest in our company and products. People just popping round to let us know how happy they are with Anco FIT Poultry in the diets for their birds were particularly encouraging and a real boost for us.

Despite the Coronavirus, people travelled from all over the world to come to the IPPE. We had people from at least 20 different countries come to our booth, which shows the international reach of this show. Still the majority came from Latin America and the US.

We hope everybody made it back home safely and is enjoying good health. In times like this we realize just how important health is too us. Thankfully currently health organizations across the world are teaming up to help us keep agile, i.e. increase our ability to adapt to the new virus.

2020 is going to be a very busy year and sets the foundation for a new decade. With that we would like to encourage you to

Keep your birds and yourself agile for more resilience in the face of the challenges the new decade may bring.

Hope to see you again at IPPE 2021.

2020 already – Anco is VIP guest at the New Year’s welcome in Vienna

This month we were invited by the Lower Austrian Federal Economic Chamber to their 2020 New Year’s Welcome as a VIP company for having received the Born Global Champion award in 2019. The event took place in the impressive Palais Niederösterreich in Vienna. We were excited to meet other prize winning and successful Austrian companies at the event and to be given a traditional token of luck for the New Year by the Austrian chimney sweepers. 2020 definitely will be a good year now.

Some of the cornerstone initiatives that were highlighted for the success of the Austrian business economy included innovative apprenticeship schemes and those supporting a cleaner environment, such as innovations for renewable energies.

The event also reminded us that we are already at the beginning of the 5th year of Anco being in business. As they say, time flies when you are having a good time. We have come a long way since the beginning of an idea. Last year in April we were awarded for Born Global Champion, which already marked many budding business relationships and partnerships on a global level. Fast forwarding 9 months on from that we can say that what was budding before has really started to blossom and new Anco buds appeared on the global map.

We would like to thank everybody that has supported us to get where we are today and hope that over the coming years of the new decade, we can celebrate new milestones, enjoy our current friendships and build new ones around the world.

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IPPE 2020 – Visit the Anco booth for resilience in the new decade

Another year, another IPPE in Atlanta. However, what’s new is that IPPE 2020 is at the start of a new decade. Speak to the Anco team at booth A237 to find out how you can support your poultry production system for a more resilient decade.

The poultry industry is facing sweeping changes in climate, demographics, technology, markets and regulations. In the new decade change is most likely to happen even more frequently and faster. One of the big questions for the 2020s certainly will be how poultry producers can keep up and adapt to the rapid pace of change.

Developing greater resilience of a poultry production system to cope with challenges and change starts with the resilience of birds. Improved resilience in birds can be achieved through new breeding goals, but also by management and nutritional means.

More resilient birds will certainly be beneficial for profitability in the face of having to adapt to a hotter climate, a lack of qualified labour and a requirement to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promotors. For egg producers it can also help to facilitate longer laying periods to reduce production costs and environmental impact of the production system.

Come and see the Anco team and learn about how to keep your birds agile for greater resilience.

Where to find us

The Anco team will be present at the IPPE 2020 in Hall A booth 237. We look forward to welcoming you and learn about what matters most to you in the 2020s.
Link to IPPE floor plan

Podcast episode to listen to while you travel

We also have just the right Keep agile Keep farming podcast episode for you to listen to on your way to the IPPE. Podcast episode – 2020s challenges shaping global animal production

About Anco FIT Poultry

The gut agility concept of Anco FIT Poultry increases the ability to adapt to nutritional and environmental stressors more efficiently. As a result, birds are more resilient in the face of stressors and the impact of stressors on performance is reduced.

Poultry producers are applying Anco FIT Poultry to chicken feed to stay competitive when reducing the use of antibiotic growth promotors and to increase consistency and persistency in high performing birds.

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Thailand –Protech Animal Health seminar for egg producers

Egg producers in Thailand were interested to learn about the benefits of increasing resilience in laying hens with the gut agility activator Anco FIT Poultry. A seminar organized by Protech Animal Health co. ltd, Anco distributor in Thailand, was well attended.

Dr. Sasitorn Tungkanasing, product manager at Betagro comments: “We were happy to see such great interest in the gut agility concept from Anco. It gives us confidence for our plans in 2020. We are now following up with the leads from this event and looking forward to be a source of help to them to support laying persistence for more profitable egg production.”

The event included a presentation from Professor Dr. Theerawit Poeikhampam, Faculty of Agriculture Kasetsart University on Management and feeding techniques for laying hens in the summer season.

Michael Eder, managing director at Anco, introduced the science behind Anco FIT Poultry and practical experience with applying the product to laying hen diets. The data in his presentation demonstrated how Anco FIT Poultry can benefit laying hens in the critical early laying period and can help to sustain higher egg production in the later stages of egg production.

Thailand is the third biggest producer of hen and duck eggs in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia and Malaysia. Thai consumers prefer brown eggs, so brown laying hen breeds are predominantly used as the breed of choice for commercial egg production in Thailand.

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Season’s greetings from the Anco Team

There is nothing quite like Christmas – the celebration, the decoration, and the pure excitement. Follow your joy this holiday season and in the new year.

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2020.

Looking forward to connect with you again in the New Year

Anco Team

Agrena 2019 – Anco FIT Poultry making a name for itself in Egypt

At the Agrena 2019 visitors to the booth of our distributor Nagy Awad Group included customers already purchasing Anco FIT Poultry. They shared some positive feedback and were generally very satisfied with the results after including Anco FIT Poultry to broiler and laying hen diets.

Feedback included improved feed intake at periods where heat stress was expected, improved growth rates and reduced mortality.

Michael Eder, managing partner at Anco comments: “We have been working together with our distributor Nagy Awad for 2 years now to establish Anco FIT Poultry in Egypt. So, it was reassuring to hear the positive feedback from their Anco FIT Poultry customers. Judging by the feedback and interest expressed from potential new customers that came to the booth, we can expect significant further growth in Egypt next year.”

Dr. Mounir Nagy, Vice President Nagy Awad Group adds: “This  tradeshow was an important test ground for the progress we made with Anco FIT Poultry. I am very pleased with the outcome and looking forward to support more poultry farmers in Egypt with the gut agility concept in Anco FIT Poultry.”

The Agrena 2019 tradeshow was held in Cairo, Egypt. It is an annual conference. So, we are definitely planning a presence from Anco again for next year.


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Saudi Agriculture Expo – Launch of Anco FIT products

This year Anco was present at the Saudi Agriculture Expo for the first time. This was thanks to our distributor Khaled Rahahleh from Al Badayil Investment Trading Co.

Michael Eder, managing partner at Anco comments: “It was a pleasure to feel very welcome and experiencing great interest for our new gut agility concept to support animal resilience by nutritional means in poultry and ruminant production. We are looking forward to build on this in the years to come.”

Saudi Arabia is the largest market for agricultural products in the GCC region. It also has the most modern and largest dairy farms in the Middle East and is expanding in poultry production.

The Saudi Agriculture Expo is the largest agriculture exhibition in the Middle East. Every year, this event attracts the most important decision-makers from industry, business and government and around 12000 visitors.

The theme of this year’s edition was “Agricultural Innovation for a better life.” So Anco’s innovations for animals to cope better with stressors were a perfect fit.

Gut agility activator – Anco FIT product line now available in more than 30 countries