Caesar & Jones Ltd joins as Anco FIT distributor for Nigeria

ANCO is expanding its business to Nigeria with the company Caesar & Jones as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Dr Jones Okoye, Managing director at Caesar & Jones Ltd comments: “I look forward to introducing the Anco FIT product range to Nigeria. The products are based on an exciting new concept and we feel it will help to support competitive animal production in Nigeria.”

About Caesar & Jones Ltd

Caesar & Jones is a consultancy and distribution firm focusing on animal farming services and marketing of animal feed additives to feed manufacturers in Nigeria.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest livestock-raising countries in Africa. The country’s cattle herds are estimated at over 16 million head. Cattle raising in Nigeria is largely supplemented by short-cycle livestock operations, estimated at 33.8 million head of sheep and 175 million poultry birds.
The strong rise in demand for animal products is due not only to the high rate of urbanisation (60% of Nigerians are city dwellers), but also to consumers’ greater purchasing power and the emergence of a new middle class.

At the same time, more and more consumers in Nigeria want healthier meat from regulated slaughterhouses. Some industrial meat companies are now segmenting the market, selling frozen meat packaged in individual portions. Some instances of value chain integration are developing as the sector evolves, with a few companies processing meat in their own slaughterhouses supplied by their own networks of producers. Although this last segment is growing, it still accounts for less than 10% of the overall meat product market.