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Biospring joins as Anco FIT distributor in Vietnam

ANCO is expanding its business to Vietnam with the company Biospring as distributor for Anco FIT products.

Thang Phan Chien, CEO at Biospring comments:” A report by the World Bank in 2016 mentioned that Vietnam’s agriculture needs to improve quality and food safety with added value to remain competitive in the international market. We feel that with Anco FIT, we can support farmers in Vietnam to increase efficiency in animal production in an economical and safe way and contribute to improved food safety.”


Agriculture in Vietnam

According to the World Bank, Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s leading exporters of agro-food commodities and is among the top five for aquatic products, rice, coffee, tea, cashews, black pepper, rubber, and cassava.
Vietnam’s countryside is filled with rice fields, and the cities with rice dishes. Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in the entire world, and is the seventh biggest consumer of rice according to the International Rice Research Institute. In the central region of Vietnam, there are typically two rice crops harvested per year.

Vietnam’s Agricultural sector is the largest employing sector with 47% share of total employment, followed by Services sector (32%), and the Industrial sector (21%). Over 85% of Vietnam’s livestock is raised on small-scale farms.

After pork, poultry is the second most important meat for the Vietnamese people. Vietnam’s demand for poultry meat and eggs is expected to at least double from 2015 by 2020. (Source: Orissa International PTE 2017 and WATT 2012)

Furthermore, Vietnam has more than 600,000 hectares of shrimp farming with two main species of black tiger shrimp and whiteleg shrimp. Vietnam is the leading producer of black tiger shrimp in the world with a production of 300,000 tons per year.

Due to urbanization, a rapidly growing population, and a desire for a healthy lifestyle, there is a high and urgent demand for the latest innovations in the livestock and aquaculture industries.

About Biospring

Our mission is to improve economic benefits, reduce animal feed production cost, improve animal feed quality and enhance competitiveness for farmers and feed companies by applying high-end technologies to the agriculture sector in Asia.