ANCO presents competence in dealing with nutritional stressors

Anco Animal Nutrition Competence develops cost-effective feed solutions for pigs, poultry and ruminants to live up to their performance potential efficiently. One important competence we rely on at ANCO is the knowledge required to support animals successfully in coping with nutritional stressors in feed by nutritional means.

Many animals don’t reach their performance potential, despite carefully formulated diets. This can be due to management and/or environmental factors. But there are also nutritional factors, that we have less control over and which can lead to a whole host of stress reactions in the animal.

Nutritional stressors, e.g. mycotoxins, in the feed will lead to stress reactions such as oxidative stress, inflammation, reduced gut integrity and shifts in the gut microbiota in the animal. This again will make the animal more susceptible to disease and performance efficiency of the animal will be sub-optimal.