ANCO on tour in the US one week ahead of United States presidential elections

Anco was on tour with ADM in the US, just when farmers in Iowa were finishing off their corn harvest for 2016 and one week before the United States presidential election. Eric Sanny (ADM), Cameron Luedtke (ADM) and Gwendolyn Jones (Anco) spoke to some of the key decision makers in the US swine industry.

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Exciting times, what is the future going to hold? Even though the corn harvest is going to have less of an impact on the world than the results for the presidential election, the US corn harvest still has a significant impact on how we feed the world.

In the 2014/2015 crop year, the United States grew nearly 360 million metric tons of corn and roughly 13 percent of production was exported to more than 100 different countries.

Corn is the main ingredient for pig diets in the US and in 2015 US pork production was 11.12 MT of which about 20% went into export (Iowa Farm Bureau).

On the road Eric Sanny, National Account Manager ADM, pointed out” Some more recent developments in Iowa include storing harvested corn in airtight grain bags on the field to save on storage costs (see picture below). Grain bagging costs a fraction of what it would cost to build new steel bins”

During the plant tour at the ADM Animal Nutrition premix plant Des Moines, Iowa Plant Manager Monica Morse stressed that safety and quality are key ingredients to sustain high standards at the production site.

US based customers for Anco FIT have already started sourcing Anco FIT from the ADM Animal Nutrition site in Des Moines to support the agility and performance efficiency of their operations by dietary means.

Gwendolyn, who worked in Iowa and gained her MBA from the University of Iowa comments: “I enjoyed meeting familiar as well as new friendly faces. ”