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Anco in top 5 startups in animal nutrition

Anco was named as one of the top 5 startups in Animal Nutrition, among 1457 globally analyzed startups.

Anco discovered by StartUs Insights

The innovation intelligence company StartUs Insights analyzed 1457 startups and scaleups globally to compose a global startup heat map on the animal nutrition sector. The analysis was data-driven using the big data and artificial intelligence powered by the discovery platform developed by StartUs Insights.

Anco was named as one of the 5 food tech startups in animal nutrition that were handpicked by StartUs Insights as a result of their analysis.  The innovation that Anco contributed to the global animal nutrition industry is the gut agility activator product line Anco FIT.

Anco Animal Nutrition Competence is an Austrian startup and was founded in late 2015. The company went operational in 2016 and rapidly expanded its sales in the global animal feed industry. In 2019 the company was awarded the Austrian Born Global Champion prize, which recognized Anco’s success in rapid global expansion.

Today the company is selling Anco FIT gut agility activators in more than 35 countries around the world, helping livestock producers to improve the adaptive capacity and resilience of their farm animals for more competitive and more resilient sustainable livestock production.


startups in animal nutrition

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