Anco FIT Poultry stars gut agility for competitive advantage in poultry production

Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH will be introducing Anco FIT Poultry, a new and unique nutritional concept for the addition to poultry feed at IPPE.

Anco® FIT Poultry is a gut agility® activator and designed for competitive poultry production with antibiotic reduction in poultry diets. The unique gut agility concept in Anco FIT empowers animals to adapt to nutritional stress factors efficiently.

Scientific trials have proven that Anco FIT Poultry improves metabolic efficiency in broilers and increases the European production efficiency factor (EPEF) in an economical way. Improvements in breast meat yields were also shown.

It is impossible to foresee and control all stressors in animal feed. What is important for the profitability of poultry operations is how animals react to nutritional stressors. Feeding Anco FIT Poultry supports animals to react and deal with nutritional stressors more efficiently and be more robust in the face of nutritional challenges.

Andreas Kern, executive director at ANCO encourages forward thinking poultry producers and feed millers: “Feeding Anco FIT Poultry is a step towards a more agile operation to maintain a competitive edge in a continuously changing business environment and challenging demands on nutrition in the poultry industry.”

About Anco
Anco Animal Nutrition Competence is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production with cost-effective feed solutions, including solutions for antibiotic-free feeding.

Anco booth at IPPE: B8281