Anco FIT is gaining tracks in the US

The Anco FIT product line was introduced to the US market by ADM Animal nutrition September last year.

Since then Anco FIT showed promising results in several field trials with pigs and dairy cows in the US: Feedback so far was improved growth rates in nursery pigs and in dairy cows increased milk butterfat and protein, as well as decreased somatic cell counts.

Anco FIT is a gut agility activator designed to empower pigs and ruminants to deal with nutritional stress factors more efficiently. Applied to diets Anco FIT helps to manage consistency in the cost-effectiveness of diets.

Anco FIT Poultry, a formulation specifically developed for application in poultry diets, was launched at the IPPE in Atlanta. Results from a university trial showed, that Anco FIT Poultry improves metabolic efficiency in broilers and increases the European production efficiency factor (EPEF) in an economical way. Improved antioxidative capacity and carcass yields were also reported with Anco FIT Poultry.

Following the IPPE in Atlanta Gwendolyn Jones from Anco travelled with Ruben Beltran, Joe Berry and John Weston from ADM Animal Nutrition, introducing the Anco FIT product line to further producers and key opinion leaders in the poultry and swine industry.

Ruben Beltran, Product Manager at ADM comments: “We are pleased to see that Anco FIT is gaining interest in the US market and we have already received positive feedback from several producers on the benefits of the product in their production systems. We will continue offering multiple strategies and products to help our customers meet the challenges they face.”