Anco enters strategic collaboration with ADM

ANCO entered a strategic collaboration with US based Archer Daniels Midland Company on speciality feed ingredients.

“By leveraging the expertise of both ADM and ANCO, this new partnership will help us provide poultry, swine, and cattle producers with a range of high-quality products that contain natural ingredients, such as phytogenics and other compounds, that are carefully selected to help animals adapt to the nutritional stress factors often present in feed rations,” said Michael Eder, managing partner of ANCO.

ADM has made an equity investment in ANCO, and as part of the collaboration, is offering its customers a range of ANCO specialty feed products, including the Anco FIT product line. Currently, ADM is offering ANCO products to customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with more geographies to be introduced in the future.

“This collaboration will provide livestock producers with greater access to ANCO’s range of specialty feed ingredients,” said Chuck Loefer, vice president of ADM Animal Nutrition™ and ANCO governance board member. “By providing our feed manufacturing and premix customers specialty ingredient solutions that help reduce risks of naturally occurring toxins in feed, we can help keep their animals—and their businesses—healthy and productive.”