Anco Brazil poultry webinar

Anco Brazil poultry webinar has attracted great interest

In July Anco Brazil hosted a poultry webinar in co-operation with our distributor Evance, which caught the attention of an engaged audience in the Brazil poultry industry. The webinar aimed to provide inspiration for cost-effective poultry production in times of crisis.

Dr. Marco Aurelio Nunes, Technical Manager at Anco presented strategies to reduce production costs with the least possible impact on production indexes. This included nutritional solutions that can be used to increase resilience in birds and mitigate the impact of stressors on performance in poultry. He also shared some simple evaluation tools that can help egg producers determine, which strategy would be most cost-effective, based on their individual circumstances.

Marcelo Blumer, executive director at Anco Brazil commented: “We are excited about the amount of interest we could generate with our webinar and that attendees were fully engaged. The questions and answer session at the end showed us that people were following the webinar closely and were eager to learn more. As a result of the success, we are already thinking of a topic for a second webinar which we are planning for later this year. This is an important time to make every effort to stay connected, collaborate and to keep learning, so we can find ways to adapt quickly and together for profitable animal production.”

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