Anco Brazil opening ceremony, Campinas SP

On the 19th of October 2017, Anco Brazil celebrated its foundation with an official opening ceremony at the Royal Palm Plaza hotel in Campinas SP.

Among the guests were representatives of the Austrian Embassy in Brazil, important associations, such as ABPA, Sindirações, ABCS, APCS, APA, CIESP, genetics companies of both poultry and swine as well as important consultants and researchers of the Brazilian agricultural industry.

Speakers at the event were:
Dr. Stephan Nemetz Vice Consul from Austria in Brazil
Marcelo Blumer, Managing Director Anco Brazil
Marco Nunes, Technical Manager, Anco Brazil
Michael Eder from Austria, Managing Partner Anco

We would like to thank everybody, who contributed to the success of this event. We are certain we will soon have a positive impact with our products and services on the profitability and sustainability of Brazilian agriculture.

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