anco fit poultry - ippe 2020

After the IPPE is before the next show

After the IPPE we are already planning ahead for EuroTier 2020, which is approaching fast this year.

However, first we would like to thank everybody who visited our booth at IPPE 2020 for your interest in our company and products. People just popping round to let us know how happy they are with Anco FIT Poultry in the diets for their birds were particularly encouraging and a real boost for us.

Despite the Coronavirus, people travelled from all over the world to come to the IPPE. We had people from at least 20 different countries come to our booth, which shows the international reach of this show. Still the majority came from Latin America and the US.

We hope everybody made it back home safely and is enjoying good health. In times like this we realize just how important health is too us. Thankfully currently health organizations across the world are teaming up to help us keep agile, i.e. increase our ability to adapt to the new virus.

2020 is going to be a very busy year and sets the foundation for a new decade. With that we would like to encourage you to

Keep your birds and yourself agile for more resilience in the face of the challenges the new decade may bring.

Hope to see you again at IPPE 2021.