ADM dairy dealer meeting discusses farm experience with Anco FIT

On a very cold winter morning in Rochester, Minnesota ADM dairy dealers came together for a workshop. One of the topics of discussion was Anco FIT to exchange the experience with the product on dairy farms.

Anco FIT was introduced to the US market in September 2016 and since then has already enjoyed a great uptake in the US dairy sector. A dairy research trial carried out by ADM showed positive responses to Anco FIT improving milk fat and protein yields over a competitor product and providing an economic advantage of $0.53/cow/day. This would mean around $297/day in a herd with 500 dairy cows.

Ruben Beltran, Product Manager ADM and Bill Earley, Dairy Product Portfolio Manager ADM encouraged the exchange of commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms amongst the group. Generally dairy farms in the US have appreciated the benefits they have seen with Anco FIT in dairy rations and the conception is that the product works very well under practical conditions.

Dr. Gwendolyn Jones from ANCO was invited to the workshop to share an overview of the commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms in countries outside the US.

Experiences on farms in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria confirm what has been reported in the US and the average economic advantage with Anco FIT based on 8 field trials was $0.60/cow/day at current US prices for milk fat and protein. Read here for more information.

Based on the success seen with the product so far, Anco FIT is currently been rolled out into several other countries to help support competitive and safe dairy production.