About us

Our job

Anco is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production. Our job is to design and deliver cost-effective feed solutions for pigs, poultry and ruminants to live up to their performance potential efficiently.

Our commitment

We are committed to do what it takes to bring home results to the bottom line of feed millers and producers in the production of safe feed and food.

Anco is a registered GMP+ certified supplier.  more information

Our approach

Our agile approach allows us to adapt to what matters most to be competitive in a dynamic and challenging industry.

Our vision

We take action for competitive animal production by focusing on what matters to our customers and what works best for animals.

Management Board

<h4><center>Andreas Kern</center></h4>

Andreas Kern

Managing Partner ANCO - Product development & Finance
<h4><center>Chuck Loefer</center></h4>

Chuck Loefer

Vice President, ADM Animal Nutrition - Strategic Planning
<h4><center>Michael Eder</center></h4>

Michael Eder

Managing Partner, ANCO - Business development
<h4><center>Peter Bergstrom</center></h4>

Peter Bergstrom

International Business Director, ADM Animal Nutrition - North America development

Your career with us

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