How to win an Anco FIT deckchair at EuroTier

Just feel like relaxing in a deckchair? Anco is giving away deckchairs in a draw at the EuroTier in Hall 2, booth G19.

Come and visit us. Find out why you can relax and sit back a little, if you have Anco FIT in the feed.

You are welcome at any time during the EuroTier hours to meet the Anco Team and learn more about how to feed Anco FIT and gut agility.  Take a break at our booth and relax in one of the Anco FIT deckchairs.

Leave your name behind for the prize draw and come back during our happy hours to find out whether you are a winner.

The prize draw for Anco FIT deckchairs takes place during the happy hours of our booth:
Tuesday, 13th of November 5pm
Wednesday, 14th of November 5pm

The winners can take a deckchair home.

November is a grey and miserable month and you might already be dreaming of the next summer. The Anco FIT deckchair is perfect to relax in and dream about sun on a beach.

We look forward to welcome you at our booth   Find out more about Anco FIT
Your ANCO team

Customer journey – Workshop with ShiftYard – MindXchange on customer experience

Mapping the customer journey from the perspective of the customer is a great tool to help creating a customer experience beyond expectations.

Recent surveys by Gartner and Salesforce reveal that the customer experience a company provides can mean serious competitive advantage regardless of the industry or country a company is doing business in. Reported results include the fact that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as the products and services it provides.

At ANCO we take what matters most to our customers seriously and we want to deliver on exceptional customer experience.

We invited Anco FIT distributors out of 32 different countries to a professional workshop on customer journey mapping during our MindXchange event. Together with our trainers from Shiftyard we worked on understanding the customer journey of Anco FIT customers in different countries.

Tobias Göllner, CEO at Shiftyard introduced us to customer journey mapping as a tool to create a WOW customer experience. He challenged us: “Ask yourself: What are the emotions, that a customer may experience at different touch points along the customer journey and what role do you play to make them positive. Identify critical moments and potential for improvement.”

Working in teams, we discussed different scenarios for the customer experience. It meant stepping into the shoes of the customer and looking at it from their perspective. We all benefitted from sharing our experiences with different types of customers.

One important outcome of this event was certainly that we all went home, sharing a common goal: Being mindful of the customer experience in the interactions with us and to continuously find ways to go beyond expectations throughout the customer journey. We aim for WOW.

MindXchange –How to launch, sell and test- Anco FIT distributors share their experience

This month Anco had its first MindXchange distributor seminar. Anco FIT distributors from 32 different countries came together in Vienna to exchange their experiences, explore Anco FIT research and work together to exceed expectations in customer experience.

Origin for MindXchange

ANCO expanded successfully on a global scale over the past 2.5 years. This would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of our partners.
MindXchange came to life to build on our network across the globe.

As the name MindXchange suggests, participants at this distributor seminar benefitted from the exchange of experience with Anco FIT in different parts of the world and hearing about global ANCO activities and research.

What we learned from each other:

• How to position Anco FIT
• How to sell Anco FIT
• How to test Anco FIT
• What works in different markets
• What matters to customers in different markets

What united us during the MindXchange event:
Working together towards building excellence in customer experience.

Science update

Dr. Kostas Mountzouris from the Agricultural University of Athens presented the latest findings with Anco FIT Poultry on the gene expression profile of the antioxidant defense system in broilers and explained how this can be linked to positive effects seen on performance and product quality indices.

Dr. Mountzouris commented: “Gut agility is an exciting new concept and the results we have seen with Anco FIT Poultry having the ability to up-lift the host intestinal antioxidant and cyto-protective shield are very promising and in line with the core functions of the gut agility activator. It would also be worth pursuing the responses on product (e.g. meat) quality further”

The research session concluded with a visit to the Department of Physiological Chemistry at the University of Vienna. This was an opportunity for a more hands-on experience with some of the labs that are currently carrying out more research on the mode of action of Anco FIT.

Case studies

Case studies on results and success with Anco FIT in different regions across the globe encouraged the exchange of further experiences and discussion with the gut agility activator:

Brazil: Underlining the positive university trial results with Anco FIT Poultry, Marcelo Ziani from Evance and Marcelo Blumer from Anco Brazil presented the positive impact of Anco FIT Poultry seen under commercial conditions in large broiler production systems in Brazil.

Slovakia: Noack in Slovakia also had very positive results to share on Anco FIT Poultry in layer breeders in a commercial situation. Jan Mendel, from Noack Slovakia commented: “Our customer started using Anco FIT Poultry because they saw an improvement in laying percentage in the later laying stages that was big enough to give a significant economic return.”

Taiwan: Vick Chung from Vetnostrum shared how their launching strategy enabled a successful market entry for Anco FIT particularly in the pig sector of Taiwan.

Czech Republic: Arne Huvar from Noack highlighted an overall positive effect on milk component yields seen with Anco FIT in Czech dairy farms.

Canada: Canada also reported better milk component yields and some effects on reproductive parameters in response to Anco AC in dairy cows. Maxime Tarte, from ADM Animal Nutrition in Canada shared how his team gained confidence in the product, because of the return on investment seen with it.

Thanks for coming and contributing

Thank you to all participants for their valuable contributions, feedback and willingness to share throughout the event. MindXchange was great fun thanks to you and we are growing stronger together because of it.