Gut agility activator – Anco FIT product line now available in more than 30 countries

Anco FIT is the first gut agility activator on the market for the application in animal feed and is now available in more than 30 countries across the world.

Gut agility describes the capability of the animal to adapt to stressors faster in a more efficient response. It makes the animal more robust in the face of dietary challenges and stressors. Slightly rewording a famous quote might put it better: “It is not the healthiest that survive it is the ones most adaptable to change.”

The focus is on empowering adaptability in the animal for greater resilience.

Scientific evidence suggests that for genetic selection, improving ability of animals to cope with stressors may be a better way of improving performance than selecting only for increased growth potential.

Therefore increasing the animal’s capability to adapt to nutritional stressors more adequately by nutritional means, offers a more immediate alternative to improve animal performance and competitive advantage in animal production.

The gut is particularly responsive to different stressors. That is why the focus is on the gut to empower animals to cope with stressors.

More information on the Anco FIT product line

Anco FIT in dairy cows

Anco FIT poultry for broilers and layers

Anco FIT in pigs

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Summer 2018 – Anco Times

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Antioxidative power for your antibiotic-free feed strategy

Certain phytogenic feed additives can support high feed efficiency in ABF (antibiotic-free) feeding strategies due to their high antioxidative power. Recent studies indicate a positive relationship between increased anti-oxidative capacity in broilers induced by certain plant extracts in feed and improved feed efficiency.

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Agile power of plants

Through a multitude of bioactive substances, with a variety of adaptive properties plants are very well equipped to be polyvalent to different stressors and to prevent their negative impact. Bioactive substances derived from plants have also shown to support humans and animals to adapt to stressors more adequately and help counteract some of the negative physiological and metabolic side effects. Applying the right combination of plant extracts to feed can therefore help the animal become more robust and reach performance potential more efficiently in the face of stressors, including mycotoxins.

Oxidative stress – a common stress reaction

A common reaction to stressors is an increase in Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on the cellular level. ROS are produced endogenously by normal metabolic processes, but amounts may be increased markedly by certain stressors, including heat and toxins. Deficiencies of natural protective substances or excess exposure to stimulators of ROS production may result in oxidative stress, which occurs when ROS exceed the capacity of antioxidants. Oxidative stress is a major factor related to the development of inflammatory diseases.

Antioxidative power in herbs and spices

The ROS detoxification process in plants is essential for the protection of plant cells against the toxic effect of ROS. Hence many herbs and spices are rich in antioxidative defense mechanisms. The ROS detoxification systems in plants include enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants. Non-enzymatic antioxidants involved include phenolic compounds, flavonoids, alkaloids, tocopherol and carotenoids. These antioxidant defense systems work in concert to control the cascades of uncontrolled oxidation and protect plant cells from oxidative damage.

Phytogenic feed additives based on extracts and material from herbs and spices with high antioxidative power, can be used to support the antioxidative capacity in animals and make them more resistant to stress factors which would otherwise increase oxidative stress and reduce feed efficiency.

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