New article published in Feed Strategy: Improve broiler feed efficiency with antioxidative capacity

Reducing antibiotic growth promotors in animal feed calls for the development of new strategies to improve feed efficiency (FE) in poultry production systems. This represents unique opportunities to explore the biochemical and physiological sources of inter-animal variations associated with FE. Research has demonstrated a genetic link between higher feed efficiency and less mitochondrial ROS (reactive oxygen species) production at the cellular level in broilers.

More recent studies indicate a positive relationship between increased anti-oxidative capacity in broilers induced by certain plant extracts in feed and improved FE.

Read more in this link on page 28: Improve broiler feed efficiency with antioxidative capacity by Gwendolyn Jones, WATT Feed Strategy, April issue

Diets that keep your cows agile for high milk quality

Responsive and adaptive technologies are leading the development for increased agility in how we and machines are operating today. What if we could formulate diets for dairy cows that can help the cow to adapt to challenges in the diet and her environment? We could expect greater and more consistent performance in response to diet formulations.

Find out more in the latest article published in international dairy topics here on page 11 in the link to ”Diets that keep your cows agile for high milk quality”

If you want to watch the trailer video to the article click on the following link: Keep your cows agile

Anco technical seminar – Guatemala

In late March ANCO invited feed producers, animal producers and veterinarians from Guatemala for a technical seminar in Austria. The guests from Guatemala were accompanied by Eddy de Paz  from Exin, Anco FIT distributor for Guatemala.

The technical program took place in the premises of AGES, Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, in Vienna. AGES is owned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

Dr. Friedrich Polesny, Department Head for the AGES Academy, presented an overview of the various functions and activities of AGES. Interesting facts included that AGES is the largest interdisciplinary lab organization in Austria, publishes around 192 scientific publications each year and hosts and organizes 200 training and advanced training seminars a year. Women make up for 60% of their workforce and 55% of the supervisory board.

Manfred Roessler, Director of Supply Chain Management at ANCO outlined quality management and quality control of products at ANCO in which AGES plays an important role. AGES is involved in the monitoring of the quality control of feed and feed supplements in Austria including products like Anco FIT.

Dr. Marco Nunes, ANCO technical manager for the LATAM market introduced the Anco FIT product line and applications in animal nutrition.

Michael Eder, managing partner at ANCO comments: “The Latin American markets are important and fast developing markets for our product line. It was a pleasure to welcome our guests from Guatemala in Austria and a great opportunity for us to learn more about what matters most to our customers in this market. This will help us improve our products and service and build better relationships in this market.”

XVL Congress on Egg Production and Commercialization

On March 20 to 22, 2018, the XVL Congress on Egg Production and Commercialization, an important event of commercial egg production organized by the Paulista Poultry Association (APA) took place at the Convention Center of Ribeirão Preto – SP. This year, the event had approximately 700 participants with producers and professionals from the egg production and supply chain. The main technical event was held by the sector in Brazil, addressing important topics on the egg and grain market, regulatory issues, health, nutrition and management of laying hens.

Marco Aurelio S. Nunes, Technical Manager Anco Latin, gave a presentation with the topic: “Improving intestinal health of laying hens: Opportunities and Challenges” talking about possible impacts that changes in the production process of laying hens, mainly involving welfare and restriction of the use of antibiotic growth promoters, can bring to the gut health of laying hens. Furthermore, he discussed viable alternatives to face this challenge with a focus on a new concept – “Gut Agility “.

Anco congratulates to the efficient organization of the congress, which year after year, has been increasingly more successful in discussing problems and opportunities of the egg production industry.