ADM dairy dealer meeting discusses farm experience with Anco FIT

On a very cold winter morning in Rochester, Minnesota ADM dairy dealers came together for a workshop. One of the topics of discussion was Anco FIT to exchange the experience with the product on dairy farms.

Anco FIT was introduced to the US market in September 2016 and since then has already enjoyed a great uptake in the US dairy sector. A dairy research trial carried out by ADM showed positive responses to Anco FIT improving milk fat and protein yields over a competitor product and providing an economic advantage of $0.53/cow/day. This would mean around $297/day in a herd with 500 dairy cows.

Ruben Beltran, Product Manager ADM and Bill Earley, Dairy Product Portfolio Manager ADM encouraged the exchange of commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms amongst the group. Generally dairy farms in the US have appreciated the benefits they have seen with Anco FIT in dairy rations and the conception is that the product works very well under practical conditions.

Dr. Gwendolyn Jones from ANCO was invited to the workshop to share an overview of the commercial experience with Anco FIT on dairy farms in countries outside the US.

Experiences on farms in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria confirm what has been reported in the US and the average economic advantage with Anco FIT based on 8 field trials was $0.60/cow/day at current US prices for milk fat and protein. Read here for more information.

Based on the success seen with the product so far, Anco FIT is currently been rolled out into several other countries to help support competitive and safe dairy production.

Bangladesh – Anco FIT Poultry launch

In January Anco FIT Poultry was officially launched in Bangladesh. Anco FIT distributor Growtech Animal Health organized an event in the presence of a representative of the ministry of agriculture, senior representatives of the Bangla Agricultural University and many other key players in the agricultural industry of Bangladesh.

Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO was invited to give a key note speech and formal introduction of Anco FIT Poultry. Read here for more information on the Anco FIT Poultry launch 

Mohammed Tarique Sarker, managing partner at GrowTech comments: “It was a pleasure welcoming Michael here in Bangladesh. I am positive that Anco FIT Poultry will serve some pressing needs in poultry production in Bangladesh and look forward to doing business with an exciting company from Austria.”

More information on Anco FIT Poultry:  Boost gut agility in birdsScientific abstract

    Feedeal joins as Anco FIT distributor for France

    ANCO is expanding its business to France with the company Feedéal as distributor for Anco FIT products.

    Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO, visited Feedéal in January to officially start the collaboration in France. Both companies are looking forward to working together and growing the Anco FIT business in France.

    “Brittany is the number one region for livestock production in France. So, our business is ideally located to serve the largest pool of potential customers for Anco FIT in France “ says Hervé Bezille, Managing Director at Feedéal.

    He is particularly excited about the positive results he has seen from trials with Anco FIT in dairy cows and comments: “France is the second largest dairy producer in Europe. I look forward to introducing a product that has already shown such consistent results for milk component yields on dairy farms in several other European countries and the US.”

    About Feedéal

    Based in Brittany in northwestern France, Feedéal selects and distributes innovative feed additives for the nutrition of all major farm species.
    Company website:

    Super Bowl 2018, IPPE and ANCO all had great international audiences

    Just one week ahead of the Super Bowl 2018 the international poultry industry had its eyes on its home game. Everybody with a name in the poultry industry met at the IPPE expo in Atlanta Georgia, USA. This year’s IPPE tradeshow had more than 520,000 square feet of exhibit space with 1,200 exhibitors and ANCO was one of them.

    It was the second time for ANCO to be at the IPPE and already the traffic to the booth had considerably increased to the previous year. The visitors to the ANCO booth were just as international as the audience for the IPPE. ANCO welcomed visitors from the US, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, UK, China, Belgium, Austria, Ecuador, Nigeria, Egypt and Guatemala to its booth.

    The latest research on Anco FIT Poultry was presented at the scientific forum by Dr. Kostas Mountzouris, associate Professor at the University of Athens.

    Michael Eder, Managing Partner at ANCO comments: “The IPPE attracts a great audience. I really enjoyed the show this year. My team and I are going home looking forward to stay in touch with new and old contacts we met in Atlanta this year. ANCO will be back in 2019.”

    After the game is before the next game.

    Returning from a successful IPPE, no doubt many players in the poultry industry had their eyes on the super bowl game just like the rest of the world. The super bowl 2018 game took place in the freezing cold of Minneapolis. Gwendolyn Jones,  Head of Product Management and Communications at ANCO, travelled on to  Minnesota and was right in the middle of a super exciting weekend for Minneapolis. Again, this was an event that attracted visitors from all over the world, despite the cold weather. Watch the super bowl 2018 ads here.

    All in all, the past week the US was definitely the place to be for poultry industry professionals and American foot ball fans. Next year will be even better, because the super bowl will be held in Atlanta one week ahead of IPPE 2019.

    Save the dates Feb. 12 – 14, 2019 for IPPE in Atlanta and hope to see you at the ANCO booth.

      Effects of dietary inclusion level of a phytogenic premix on broiler growth performance, nutrient digestibility, total antioxidant capacity and gene expression of antioxidant enzymes

      The inclusion level of a phytogenic premix (PP) (Anco FIT  Poultry) was studied for its effects on broiler growth performance, nutrient digestibility and total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of meat and liver. In addition, gene expression of antioxidant enzymes CAT, SOD and GPx was profiled along the broiler intestine.

      A total of 500 one-day-old Cobb broiler chickens were assigned into 4 treatments, with 5 replicates of 25 chickens each. Basal diets were formulated to meet starter (1 to 10d), grower (11 to 22d) and finisher (23 to 42d) growth phase requirements. Depending on PP inclusion level (0, 750, 1000 and 2000 mg/kg diet), treatments were: PP-0, P-750, PP-1000 and PP-2000. Feed and water were available ad libitum.
      Data were analyzed by ANOVA, taking the treatment as fixed effect. Statistical significant effects (P≤0.05) were further analyzed and means were compared using Tukey HSD test. In addition, polynomial contrasts tested the linear and quadratic effect of PP inclusion levels.

      Growth performance responses did not differ (P>0.05) between treatments. However, there was a trend (P=0.089) for improved FCR by 4.5% in PP-1000 compared to PP-0 at the finisher phase. In addition, trends for improved European production efficiency index were seen for PP-1000 during the finisher phase (P=0.087) and overall (P=0.057). Treatment PP-1000 had the highest carcass (P=0.030) and breast fillet yield (P=0.023). From the digestibility study, PP-1000 had higher AMEn (P=0.049) compared to treatments PP-2000 and PP-0.

      The PP inclusion level resulted in higher breast (P=0.005), thigh (P=0.002) and liver (P=0.040) TAC. In particular, breast and thigh TAC increased in a quadratic pattern and reached plateu at PP-1000, whereas liver TAC continued to increase linearly. Gene expression of SOD was significantly up-regulated in the duodenum (P=0.027), jejunum (P=0.026) and ceca (P=0.023) in PP-1000 and PP-750 compared to PP-0. In ceca, CAT expression displayed a quadratic pattern of up-regulation (Pq=0.053) in the same direction with SOD (Pq=0.006).

      Overall, this study provides evidence for potential PP-1000 benefits for carcass and breast fillet yield, energy sparing and overall antioxidant capacity in broiler gut and meat.

      Researchers of this study

      published in the proceedings of the scientific forum IPPE 2018

      Konstantinos C. Mountzouris*, Vasileios Paraskeuas*, Eirini Griela*, Andreas Kern# and Konstantinos Fegeros*
      *Department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding, Agricultural University of Athens, 118 55 Athens, Greece
      #Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, Linzer Strasse 55, 3100 Sankt Poelten, Austria