2017 Corn silage: 3 things you should know

Corn silage for both beef and dairy fluctuates between 8-10% of the total corn acres in the US: This year’s corn silage can be expected not to be typical, due to challenging weather conditions that prevailed across different states in 2017.

High variability in quality. Depending on the state, severe drought, heat stress or wet conditions will have a great impact on the quality of 2017 corn silage

Extra sampling is recommended. Due to high variability in the quality of corn silage, producers need to take extra samples after fermentation to track quality levels and the amounts of digestible starch (target for starch content over 30 percent), 30-hour neutral detergent fiber digestibility (target over 55 percent) and 30-hour undigested neutral detergent fiber (target under 45 percent).

In addition to testing for quality and starch, tests should also include mycotoxin analysis due to the higher risk of contamination in 2017 corn silage. Testing results can help when building plans to optimize the crop and the ration.

Check out this video for tips on how to prepare a representative silage sample.

Video on preparing representative silage samples

High levels of mycotoxins have already been reported in 2017 corn in several states in the US. DON levels > 5ppm have been reported in South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania corn, whereas aflatoxin levels greater than 100ppb have been reported in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota, Nebraska and Oklahoma. According to the 2003 USDA Crop Production Report, the top ten corn silage producing states are: WI, NY, CA, PA, MN, IA, SD, NE and ID.

For an update on Mycotoxins in 2017 crops and technical information on how cows adapt to DON please watch the video below.


Anco FIT Launch in Guatemala

This month the official Anco FIT launch in Guatemala took place in Guatemala City. The event was organized by Exin, Anco FIT distributor for Guatemala.

During a breakfast meeting, Eddy de Paz, managing director of Exin introduced Anco FIT to 23 selected clients. His opening remark concludes with” The concept of Anco FIT provides a new approach to some of the pressing problems of animal production in our market. I think it will greatly benefit more cost-effective production”. For more information on Exin  please go to www.exinpec.com

The program continued with a technical presentation by Marco Nunes, Technical Manager at Anco, explaining the benefits and application of Anco FIT and Anco FIT Poultry.

This was supported by the experience with Anco FIT in the field, which was shared with the participants of the meeting by Santos Reyes, Anco FIT distributor for Honduras.



    Anco Brazil opening ceremony, Campinas SP

    On the 19th of October 2017, Anco Brazil celebrated its foundation with an official opening ceremony at the Royal Palm Plaza hotel in Campinas SP.

    Among the guests were representatives of the Austrian Embassy in Brazil, important associations, such as ABPA, Sindirações, ABCS, APCS, APA, CIESP, genetics companies of both poultry and swine as well as important consultants and researchers of the Brazilian agricultural industry.

    Speakers at the event were:
    Dr. Stephan Nemetz Vice Consul from Austria in Brazil
    Marcelo Blumer, Managing Director Anco Brazil
    Marco Nunes, Technical Manager, Anco Brazil
    Michael Eder from Austria, Managing Partner Anco

    We would like to thank everybody, who contributed to the success of this event. We are certain we will soon have a positive impact with our products and services on the profitability and sustainability of Brazilian agriculture.

    Find out more about Anco Brazil here

    Link to article in the Feed and Food Magazine

      Anco at Abraves Nacional in Brazil

      This year the Abraves Nacional Swine Congress took place in Goiânia, Brazil. The Anco Brazil team was present for the first time and was part of the Evance booth.

      Abraves Nacional organized by the Brazilian swine veterinarian association. It is an event with 34 years of tradition and includes technical presentations of high quality. It is recognized as the most important swine event in Brazil.

      For more information on this event go to the following links

      Anco presence at Abraves Nacional

      Abraves Website