Anco enters strategic collaboration with ADM

ANCO entered a strategic collaboration with US based Archer Daniels Midland Company on speciality feed ingredients.

“By leveraging the expertise of both ADM and ANCO, this new partnership will help us provide poultry, swine, and cattle producers with a range of high-quality products that contain natural ingredients, such as phytogenics and other compounds, that are carefully selected to help animals adapt to the nutritional stress factors often present in feed rations,” said Michael Eder, managing partner of ANCO.

ADM has made an equity investment in ANCO, and as part of the collaboration, is offering its customers a range of ANCO specialty feed products, including the Anco FIT product line. Currently, ADM is offering ANCO products to customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with more geographies to be introduced in the future.

“This collaboration will provide livestock producers with greater access to ANCO’s range of specialty feed ingredients,” said Chuck Loefer, vice president of ADM Animal Nutrition™ and ANCO governance board member. “By providing our feed manufacturing and premix customers specialty ingredient solutions that help reduce risks of naturally occurring toxins in feed, we can help keep their animals—and their businesses—healthy and productive.”

World Pork Expo: Feedback on Anco FIT from US pig farms

Anco FIT was one of the key products at the ADM booth at World Pork Expo 2017 in Des Moines Iowa. ADM is the US distributor for Anco FIT and has been promoting Anco FIT to its customers since September 2016.

The commercial sales team at the ADM booth, which has been actively selling Anco FIT to pig farms reported some feedback from Anco FIT users on pig farms.

Feedback from pig farms using Anco FIT included
“Very pleasant to handle the product”
“I observed more pigs at the feeder and they stayed at the feeder longer. It seems Anco FIT encourages nursery pigs to eat more”

About Anco FIT

Anco FIT is a gut agility activator. designed to manage gut agility by dietary means and is applied as a feed additive to complete feed. Application of Anco FIT to pig diets empowers animals to adapt to nutritional stress factors more efficiently and live up to their performance potential. It relies on bioactive substances in the formula, that help to reduce negative stress reactions such as reduced appetite, oxidative stress, inflammation and reduced gut integrity in response to nutritional stressors, which increases the amount of energy available for growth. For the nutritionist, it provides greater control over the cost-effectiveness of diets.

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Anco Brazil: Anco is founding a subsidiary in Brazil

Sankt Poelten/Austria, Campinas – SP/Brazil- 07/6/2017 Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, an Austrian feed additive company, is expanding its global growth to the Brazil market. The company has chosen Sao Paulo as the location for the subsidiary Anco Brazil, which is currently in the process of being founded. The subsidiary will be operational in 2017 and headed by Marcelo Blumer.

At present the company has a feed additive product line for pigs, poultry and ruminants with a core competence in managing the animal’s response to nutritional stressors, including naturally occurring toxins, by nutritional means. The pillars and focus that support the company’s development are what matters most to customers and what works best in farm animals for competitive animal production.

Development of local animal nutrition competence

Entering the market in Brazil promises to be successful when the company has a permanent local representation. It ensures that the company’s competence adapts to the local needs quickly and builds bridges between cultural differences effectively.

“This is an ideal time to enter the Brazilian market” explains Marcelo Blumer, Executive Director Anco Brazil. “The business environment for producers was challenging last year and producers are therefore looking for solutions that can help them increase operational agility to stay competitive and at the same time fulfil increasing demands for a reduction in the use of antibiotic growth promotors. Our product line Anco FIT can meet those needs. Anco FIT was specifically developed to boost gut agility in farm animals and empower them to adapt to nutritional stressors efficiently. This is a great support for producers, when it comes to managing the cost-effectiveness of diets and stay competitive in the face of nutritional challenges otherwise difficult to control” Blumer continues.

Read more in an interview with Marcelo Blumer by Feed Navigator here.

Outlook in Brazil

Brazil enjoys a large domestic market and welcomes international trade. The Brazilian agribusiness movement is increasing animal protein production and Brazil now ranks as one of the nations, best positioned to feed the world (reported in feed&food, 2017). Brazil is the second largest producer of broilers globally. Analysts predict that Brazil’s future is promising as is the immediate outlook for 2017 in the agribusiness sector. However, the main market growth for animal protein will continue to be international markets. Preliminary estimates project that in 2017 total animal feed sales in Brazil should reach 70 million ton. Poultry, swine and ruminant feed are expected to grow by 3.1, 4.0 and 6.0% respectively (Zani 2017).

About Anco Animal Nutrition Competence

Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH with headquarters in Sankt Poelten Austria is a feed additive business acting globally to support competitive animal production with cost-effective feed solutions, including solutions for antibiotic-free feeding. Products are designed for pigs, poultry and ruminants to be more robust and efficient in the face of nutritional stressors.

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Honduras – First experiences with Anco FIT Poultry in Honduras

The Anco FIT product line was recently officially launched in Honduras by Reyesa S de R.L. , acting as distributor for Anco.

Anco FIT Poultry had already been trialed on a broiler farm in Honduras.  The results showed consistent increase in feed intake under heat stress conditions with direct impact on weight gain in response to the gut agility activator.

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Jose de los Santos Reyes Urbina, owner of Reyesa comments: „We are excited to work with Anco FIT in our product portfolio. The feedback from farmers who tried Anco FIT so far has been positive. It helps knowing that we can make a difference to the profitability of farmers”

Honduras is a republic in Central America with a population of around 8 million people. Its northern portions are part of the Western Caribbean Zone. Despite its declining importance to the economy, agriculture still accounts for 13 per cent of GDP and employs one-third of the population. Due to the importance of agriculture to Honduras, this country relies on The Panamerican Agriculture University, Zamorano, a very important school of agriculture not only for Honduras but also for all of Latin America.