Activate gut agility to optimize feed efficiency

The way animals respond to nutritional stressors affects feed efficiency. Gut agility increases the resistance to stressors and reduces stress reactions in the animal in favour of saving metabolic energy for animal performance and supporting feed efficiency.

Stress reactions reduce efficiency

When challenged with nutritional stress factors, stress reactions such as oxidative stress, reduced gut integrity, inflammation and shifts in gut microflora will be triggered in the animal. This not only reduces growth performance, but also feed efficiency and thus the cost-effectiveness of diets. Feed efficiency is reduced due to energy wasted on stress reactions instead of being used for productive purposes. For instance, under oxidative stress and inflammation, 30% of the performance drop is explained by the catabolism and feed conversion needed to manage inflammation.

Optimizing the response by nutritional means

Ideally the response to nutritional stress factors should consume as little energy as possible or stress reactions should be minimal for better and more consistent feed efficiency. This would be the case if animals were inherently more resistant to nutritional stress factors or were able to adapt to nutritional stressors more energy efficiently.

Defense systems in the body that prevent damages caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) during exposure to infections, inflammation, and stressors are called antioxidant defense systems. Antioxidant defense systems prevent lipid peroxidation by blocking peroxidation chain reactions and acting as ROS scavengers. However, if the endogenous system is overwhelmed by stressors it will trigger oxidative stress.

There are ways to enhance the resistance in animals to stressors by nutritional means. For instance, adding anti-oxidant substances to the diet that either scavenge ROS or upregulate and protect endogenous antioxidant defenses has shown to enhance ROS detoxifying capacity of the animal thus reducing oxidative stress in response to stressors.

Several bioactive substances derived from herbs and spices have also shown to have high anti-inflammatory properties. Others are known for their ability to help maintain gut integrity and sustain a healthy gut microflora through improved digestion of protein. So, there is scope for nutritional means to optimize the response of animals to nutritional stressors and thus manage the consistency in cost-effectiveness of pig and poultry diets.

Feeding for gut agility

The gut is particularly responsive to stressors, hence why the emphasis is on the gut when improving the animal’s adaptive response. Gut agility is a new term coined to describe the animal’s ability to adapt to nutritional stressors in a faster and more energy-efficient response than it normally would.

Agile nutritional concepts are designed to boost gut agility and empower animals to adapt to a variety of nutritional stress factors, including mycotoxins, making them more robust and energy efficient. They rely on bioactive substances derived from plants that reduce negative stress reactions, such as oxidative stress, inflammation, reduced gut integrity and reduced feed intake generally seen in response to stressors.

The animal becomes more robust in the face of dietary challenges, resulting in more consistent high performance and well-being. This again will contribute to consistency in the cost-effectiveness of diets under commercial conditions.

Feed additives designed to activate gut agility

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Anco FIT Poultry – Managing gut agility for cost-effective poultry diets
Anco FIT – Managing gut agility for cost-effective pig diets

Noack team joins as Anco FIT distributor for Eastern European markets

Noack & Co GmbH has been appointed as distributor for the Anco FIT product line in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia; Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Russian Federation.

In April and May, the Noack sales and technical team received training for the Anco FIT product line and introduced Anco FIT to some key customers in Poland and Romania. Noack customers were intrigued by some of the unique properties of the Anco FIT product line and the new approach it offers to support the animal in the face of nutritional stress factors for more consistent and efficient performance.

Dariusz Kucharski, Sales Director Feed Additives at Noack Polen comments: “I think with this new concept we can really add value to our customers, who have high performance standards and are continuously on the lookout to improve their competitive advantage.”

About Noack

Noack & Co GmbH is a privately owned technical marketing and sales company with 120 employees. The company headquarters is based in Austria and covers the central European markets through local subsidiaries.

Noack on the one hand supplies cost-effective feed supplements and feed additives to the animal producing industry. On the other hand, Noack offers rapid tests and tools for the quality control of food and feed products. Their offer includes a large portfolio of Veterinary Diagnostic Kits based on ELISA or PCR techniques to the national control authorities, private laboratories and farms, as well Analytical Instruments based on NIR and MID – Infrared technology for the feed and food producing industry.

Mycologic Feed Manager launched by ANCO FIT distributor ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM Animal NutritionTM, cooperation partner of Anco and US distributor for Anco FIT, recently launched an ADM exclusive digital sales tool called MycoLogic Feed Manager. This is an iPad app designed to effectively evaluate the nutritional needs of livestock through a quick and thorough digital assessment on farm.

The assessment begins with a brief in-app questionnaire which sales reps can walk through one-on-one with customers. The multi-question audit uses a decision tree algorithm to analyze the individual nutritional needs of each farm, deduce which, if any, naturally occurring toxins may be present in the region, and generate a recommendation specific to the environment, location, and on-farm challenges of that customer.

In addition, the MycoLogic Feed Manager app provides ADM representatives with easy access to a library of research, product brochures, and presentations to educate customers on ADM’s portfolio of nutritional offerings.

“ADM Animal Nutrition is committed to customer service and is always looking for ways to personalize products and services for our customers,” says Ruben Beltran, product manager for ADM Animal Nutrition. “With the help of the MycoLogic Feed Manager app, we can assess customer needs on an individual basis and recommend tailored solutions that make an impact on their day-to-day operations and ultimately their bottom line.”

More information on the MycoLogicTM Feed Manager app

ADM Animal Nutrition is distributor for the Anco FIT product line in North America.

Read Anco’s first publication in Pig Progress on gut agility

Anco article published in Pig Progress Magazine

Being able to manage all the risks impacting cost-effectiveness of diets is the holy grail of nutrition. But where best to start – controlling all the risks in the diet or enabling the animal to respond in an effective way to potential risks? Combining inspiration from the industry 4.0 movement with learnings from genetics pave the way to new approaches in pig nutrition.

Read more in: Keep pigs agile to manage the cost-effectiveness of feed by Gwendolyn Jones, Pig Progress, May 2017

Link to online version of the article

Thomas Waidhofer joins the Anco team in Austria

Following recent structural changes at shareholder level in ANCO, Thomas Waidhofer joins ANCO as Director of Finance and Administration.

Thomas previously provided services to ANCO as external Public Accountant. He spent his entire professional life both in public accounting & auditing and as finance professional in internationally active companies.

Thomas gained a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Economics in Vienna and is a CPA of the Austrian Chamber of Chartered Accountants and Auditors. Known to his team members for long we trust in Thomas’ expertise to support and direct the right financial structure and business framework for ANCO’s ambitious global growth plans.

Thomas Waidhofer, Director of Finance and Administration at Anco comments on his new role: “I am excited to be part of this vibrating team embedded in such an international environment, convinced we will make ANCO successful together.”